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Fresh Produce – Seafood & Meat

Fresh products, such as meat and fish require a sophisticated packaging solution, one that offers protection for the item enclosed, is sealable and hardwearing. This is primarily to ensure that the product arrives in the consumer’s hands in its intended form and is still edible. Fresh produce begins to ‘go off’ much faster than dry goods, this means a packaging solution that promotes the life of the item is favourable. It is also of paramount importance that the packaging is tough and can resist punctures, as fresh produce, such as meat and fish, is also more likely to go off if contaminants from the air reach it. By removing the oxygen reach to the produce, it is expected to be edible for much longer than without it.

A plate of shrimp.

What Shrink Wrapping Machine is Suitable for Fresh Produce?

As an advisory, the semi-automatic shrink wrap packaging machine is suitable for fresh seafood and meats. This machine provides a cost-effective and high-quality packaging for businesses and can wrap items of a range of shapes and sizes. The shrink wrap is both strong and resistant to puncture, as well as being attractive and transparent, meaning the consumer can easily view the items enclosed.



Included in confectionaries are chocolate, sweets, baked goods, nuts, glazed fruit and much, much more! The food group consists of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which can often challenge businesses who are unsure of which packaging solution is suitable for their product.

For both large and small items, it is often preferable for the packaging to include product details, such as ingredients lists and branding. For confectionaries with an unusual shape, the packaging is often required to retain and mirror the shape of the item enclosed. Shrink wrap that can be printed on, and maintains its form and structure is beneficial for packaging confectionaries. The wrap is tight, and branding can be added, it is also tamper-evident, which means that the business or consumer receiving the item will be able to clearly see whether or not the item is in its intended form.

A stack of chocolate bars.

What Shrink Wrapping Machine is Suitable for Confectionaries?

The side sealer shrink wrapping machinery is ideally suited for wrapping a wide variety of confectionaries as it provides ease of use for the operator. The automated function allows a high volume to be packaged in a relatively short time. The shrink plastic used for this machine can easily have graphics added to it, and the material is robust enough to retain its shape and seal.


Sensitive Documents

There is a range of sensitive documents that require protection during transit, for example, exam papers, research data, personal data collection records, health information and government documents to name a few. This type of information often has a restriction as to which individuals have access to the content and one of the methods used to protect the documents is to shrink wrap the files. Sensitive documents are often required to be wrapped very quickly, and often there is a high volume of papers to get through. The priority of shrink wrapping these items is to ensure it is evident that the item enclosed has not been tampered with.

exam papers

What Shrink Wrapping Machine is Suitable for Sensitive Documents?

The fully automatic combined L-seal and shrink tunnel is the most effective piece of machinery for wrapping sensitive documents. The benefits include a fast turnover, with the machine outputting the wrapped items at a more than acceptable rate. Another benefit is that the shrink film used is tamper-evident, the close wrap and durability of the material make it obvious when the documents have been affected.


Building Materials

Heavy objects, such as building materials in the form of wood, bricks, metal or other resources, often need to be packaged to ensure they remain together and are protected by one another. For example, self-assembly kits require complete sets, one way of ensuring the consumer receives all of the components is to package them together. Due to the weight of these types of products, a highly durable and strong wrap is required to protect the items enclosed.

Cut timber ready to be put through the shrink-wrapping machine.

What Shrink Wrapping Machine is Suitable for Building Materials?

A high-speed side sealer and in and out feed conveyor, used with polythene plastic shrink wrap is recommended to meet the requirements of wrapping building materials like timber and aggregates. The wrap is puncture resistant and robust, and the in and out feed conveyors, as well as the machine, can handle the weight of the items it is wrapping.

Do you know what type of shrink wrap machinery you need? If you are still unsure, call our sales team today on 020 8952 5262, and we will be happy to assist you on what is most suitable for your business or product.