Kempner Designer Presentation PVC Shrink Film Roll

Kempner supplies both GI and DH Polyvinyl Chloride packaging as these PVC shrinkwraps are renowned for their versatility and quality.

Our primary goal with these PVC shrink wrap film ranges is to offer films with superb gloss and transparency coupled with tremendous strength, at unbeatable prices.

We generally find that these PVC shrink films can be used in lower gauges than conventional PVC shrink films to the same or better effect and so provide even greater yield and cost advantages.

Polyvinyl Chloride Heat Shrink

Within our GI and DH PVC shrinkwrap film ranges, specific shrink wrap film lines have been engineered to offer machineable retail packaging solutions over a large range of packaging equipment and shrink tunnels, on a broad variety of packs.

Hence we offer PVC shrink wrap film formulations that will provide for different shrink ratios, enhanced sparkle and clarity, degrees of rigidity and cost competitiveness.

In general our PVC shrinkwrap film is very easy to use. Our range of films makes it easy to achieve excellent looking packs with a neat and tight shrink down. This can be of particular benefit in instances where packs are heat sensitive, or where equipment is of simpler, or even older design.

We are very confident that our PVC shrink wrap film ranges will meet any retail packaging needs on any shrink wrap system.

Rolls of PVC film are available in a variety of thicknesses:-

  • » 15 microns
  • » 17 microns
  • » 21 microns
  • » 22 microns
  • » 35 microns

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Kempner's presentation polyvinyl chloride PVC shrink wrap film.

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