Kempner has been supplying cake packaging machinery to UK bakeries for over 40 years.

At Kempner, we work with our customers to understand their individual needs. Our reputation as one of the leading shrink wrap machinery suppliers in the United Kingdom has come about thanks to our outstanding customer service. We work with clients to deliver tailored solutions to suit production requirements, space restrictions and budgetary constraints.

We hold the one of the largest inventories of packaging machinery in the UK. Our machines are adaptable and can be modified to handle different pack types. They can also be used with different shrinkwrap films, including those made from biodegradable and environmentally responsible materials.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Our shrinkwrap machines can be modified to accommodate different sized products. It is highly likely that we will have a functional shrink wrap machine option to suit your cake or confectionary goods.

Flow Wrap Machines

Our flowwrapping machines can be used with a wide range of high value goods. Flowwrapping creates a non-formed pouch or bag around products which is well-suited to more delicate food products.

Pouch Filling Machines

Our pouch filling machines can hold liquid products as well as powders and pastes. This is ideal for certain food manufacturers and caterers where key ingredients must be precisely weight and packaged .

Kempner’s Shrink Wrap Systems for Cakes

Our shrink wrap machines can be modified to suit the requirements of a broad range of food products in the bakery sector. Baked goods can be processed with efficiency by our machinery.
Our systems are designed to accommodate particular pack sizes, floor space constraints, budgetary requirements and packaging processing rates. We can deliver a functional shrink wrap solution for your cake production requirements.

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The Advantages of Turning to Kempner for a Shrink Wrap Machine for Cakes And Baked Goods

Shrinkwrap provides several key benefits for delicate baked goods such as cakes and biscuits. Transparent films allow consumers to observe contents, meaning products can be properly displayed in a retail environment.
We can also supply shrinkwrap materials that withstand chilling and freezing for products with specific storage requirements. You can view our shrink wrap film guide here or contact us for more information.

Protect Cakes & Baked Goods From Damage

Kempner solutions reduce the risk of product damage during packaging and protect products from physical damage as they are handled and during transit and storage. Cakes and baked goods are delicate and any icing or decoration needs to retain it’s aesthetic quality before it reaches the shelves. Properly applied shrinkwrap also helps products retain moisture, thereby preserving product quality and extending shelf-life when compared to non-wrapped goods.

We Can Source High Quality Packaging Machines

Thanks to our industry presence and buying power, there is no better place to turn to for a cost-effective cake packaging solution than Kempner. Our shrink wrap machines are made by leading manufacturers and our consultative service will ensure you find the most suitable packaging solution. We can supply semi automated and fully automatic machines which can reduce labour requirements and manual handling. Properly applied

Our quality assurance certification runs to the standards set out in BS EN ISO 9001:2015, so you can rest assured of our expertise and reliability.If you are interested in discovering more about our shrink wrap machines for cakes, then please do not delay and make contact with us today.

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