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Shrinkwrap Solutions

Here at Kempner, we have supplied leading organisations with packaging machinery and shrink wrap materials for over 40 years. We work with customers to find the best solution to their packaging needs.

  • Consultative Customer Service
  • Efficient and Economical Machinery
  • Modern Shrink Wrap Materials

Our customers benefit from our market insights and long-standing presence in the packaging industry. Contact us today to discuss your packaging requirements.

Why Use Kempner For Packaging Machinery and Shrinkwrap Solutions?

At Kempner, we are a responsible supplier of efficient packaging machinery, shrink wrap materials and biodegradable plastic films. Our expertise and longstanding presence in the packaging industry mean that we are well placed to advise customers of the best packaging solutions available. If you have a specific packaging requirement then get in touch.

Industry Expertise

We work with our customers to deliver optimised packaging solutions that meet budgetary requirements, space restrictions and rates of output. Our team of consultants will apply their extensive knowledge and industry experience to help businesses identify the best packaging solutions for their products. We prioritise the individual needs of businesses so they can choose the right sort of packaging machine for their requirements.

All of our machines are adaptable, which can be great if you have multiple products, or are likely to expand your system over time. Indeed, future-proofing your packaging process is the sort of consideration that Kempner includes in consultation stages. We know that aspects like machine adaptability and compatibility with different plastic films types can dramatically affect packaging costs over the lifetime of a packaging machine.

The Largest Inventory Of Shrinkwrap, Flowwrap and Pouch Filling Machinery

We offer the largest inventory of packaging machinery in the UK. We supply three primary machine types: shrink-wrap machinery, flow-wrap machinery and pouch-filling machinery. All of our machine types are designed by world-leading manufacturers and Kempner solutions come with the knowledge and technical expertise gained over 40 years. We can offer automatic and semi-automatic shrinkwrap machinery

We help businesses make better-informed buying decisions that maximise their production capabilities.

We can provide advice on regulatory issues and performance testing, something that is a big issue in many sectors, such as the food product industry. We are also well-placed to advise on modern packaging solutions that improve the efficiency of your current packaging solution.

Once your company has found a suitable packaging system, Kempner can then take you through the purchasing process. Please note that:

  • Our third-party Quality Assurance certification meets BS EN ISO 9001:2015, so you can proceed with confidence.
  • We will allow you to see the results of the packaging machinery you have under consideration before making a final decision.
  • All of our machinery is available at very competitive rates, something that is possible thanks to our considerable buying power. Simply put, we are able to pass on the bulk savings we obtain to our customers.

Unlike our competitors, Kempner is not bound to any given manufacturer. We stock the best possible shrink-wrapping and pouch-filling machinery and materials – particularly in addressing consumer demands for recycling. We also use our large purchasing power to achieve the lowest prices which we can pass on to our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

There can be little doubt that packaging performs an important role in ensuring products arrive with the consumer in mint condition. And yet, the public has never been more aware of the potential negative aspects of plastic packaging materials such as shrinkwrap.

We can supply shrinkwrap films that use considerably less material than conventional plastic films. We also offer biodegradable and environmentally responsible shrink wrap film options too. Ultimately, our consultative approach can help your business convey its corporate social responsibility values more effectively by helping you to choose the right sort of shrinkwrap and films that are suited to the packaging machines you have invested in.

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