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Packaging Machinery

Kempner have a modern range of packaging machinery. Our packaging machines that can be tailored to suit your product type, industry requirements, production capacity, scale and budget. We supply three main types of packaging machine types:

  • Shrink wrapping machinery
  • Flow wrapping machinery
  • Pouch filling machinery

Our consultative service can help you find the best packaging machine. Get in contact for more information or to talk with one of our specialists.

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Packaging Machinery From Kempner

With the largest inventory of packaging machinery in the UK, choosing Kempner as your machinery supplier puts you in the best position to receive the latest and most innovative machinery for your application. We have a fantastic range of plastic packaging machines suitable for use with any product line, ensuring your goods are kept in fantastic condition after they leave your facilities.

Save yourself the time and hassle of scouring the entire market to find the best packaging machinery for your business. Here at Kempner, we will be able to match you with the very best packaging machinery that will maximise your efficiency and production capabilities. All we need is just a few details about your requirements. Read a quick summary of our packaging machinery ranges below.

Packaging machinery requirements typically depend on a number of factors such as your product type, industry requirements, production capacity, scale and budget. There are three main types of packaging machinery: shrink wrapping, flow wrapping and pouch filling. We have an broad range of shrink wrapping, flow wrapping and pouch filling packaging machinery options. Please click on the links below to see the full ranges of machinery within each category, or contact Kempner and let us do the hard work for you.

Shrink Wrap Machinery

Shrink wrapping creates an air-tight seal around products, which is extremely useful for extending the shelf life of perishable foodstuffs by providing a barrier against oxygen and bacteria. It can also be useful for protecting products in transit by tightly joining multiple items into a larger bundle which is less prone to knocks and bumps.

At Kempner, we supply a fantastic range of shrink wrap machinery, including semi-automatic and fully automatic models, chamber shrink wrap machines, shrink tunnels and sleeve sealer machines.

Pouch Filling Machinery

For non-solid products such as liquids, powders, granules, creams, and pastes that cannot be wrapped as with the previous two types, pouch filling packaging machinery is the ideal choice.

Kempner supplies the latest and most innovative pouch filling machinery that can be customised to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Flow Wrapping Machinery

Flow wrapping is an efficient method for creating pouches or bags with your product sealed inside. It’s ideal for delicate items such as biscuits and cakes, keeping them fresh and protected.

This type of packaging machinery can be matched to the specific requirements of your business and will ensure that your production line is as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We have a fantastic range of flow wrap machinery available, simply contact us for more details.

Why Trust Kempner for Packaging Machinery?

For over 40 years, Kempner has distributed a wide range of packaging machinery and wrapping machines, designed by exclusive, global-leading manufacturers. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we are not bound to any one manufacturer, which means that we recommend the very best packaging machinery available in the market because of the benefits it can offer you, not because of any obligation.

As well as this, we support our customers well beyond your purchase, and stand behind our machinery with loyalty and commitment to providing an excellent service. You are of course welcome to contact us via our Enquire Now form below, or telephone us on 020 8952 5262 for further information.

Frequently asked questions

Which Packaging Machine Is Best For Fragile Products?

We appreciate that not everybody knows the differences between the different machine options which is why we are always available to help. If you are looking to wrap delicate products, then flow wrapping machinery will be your best option. Our flow wrappers are modified to suit your requirements and are great for preventing contamination, protecting from moisture, dust and direct handling.

How Can You Package Liquids?

At Kempner we offer unique pouch filling machinery with particularly good value-for-money pricing. This machinery is ideal for filling liquids, powders and creams into pre-laminated pouches. There is the option to use a versatile selection of pouches to suit your products, such as stand up pouches and those with screw tops.

I Don’t Know Which Packaging Machinery To Use

We offer a full range of shrink wrap packaging machinery so it can be difficult to choose which would best suit your business. Our team of experts offer a full technical service to suggest the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

Can I See A Sample Of How It Will Look On My Products?

Yes. We can help provide you with the most suitable solution for your products and show you the results before you purchase from us. Just send us your packs and we’ll send over a wrapped sample with costing information based on the equipment and film you would need.

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shrink wrapping equipment and materials.