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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kempner takes corporate social responsibility incredibly seriously. We want to help protect our natural environment and reduce unnecessary waste. We proudly supply:

  • Efficient packaging machinery
  • Eco-friendly shrink wrap films
  • Biodegradable shrink wrap films

We also have professional affiliations with organisations like Recoup, who are driving positive change in the packaging industry.

Kempner delivers solutions to improve the sustainability of our own business, as well as helping to improve our clients packaging processes.

As small and large companies alike become increasingly concerned with sustainability, we have designed strategies to reduce and, where possible avoid, negatively impacting the environment. As a primary packaging supplier we recognise the importance of achieving sustainability in the supply chain. There are a number of key benefits to obtaining a responsible shrinkwrap solution from Kempner.

Biodegradable Films

We can supply a range of biodegradable, compostable or eco-friendly shrinkwrap films

Efficient Packaging Machinery

Our packaging machines can save companies time and resources

Responsible Supplier

We are committed to being a responsible provider of shrinkwrap solutions

Choosing A Responsible Shrinkwrap Supplier

Kempner has professional affiliations with leading associations with the mission to promote positive change in our industry. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility helps us stand out from other shrink wrap suppliers. All of our activities as a business, and indeed as individuals, have direct and indirect consequences for our natural environment and ecology. However product packaging is a necessity for many products, and can have a positive impact on things like food sustainability, for example. There is no silver bullet when it comes to sustainability issues in the plastic packaging industry, but our customers can be sure that we are doing all that we can to be a responsible supplier.

Kempner complete shrinkwrap machinery is fast and energy efficient. They can increase productivity with considerably reduced labour input. Our modern shrinkwrap film supplies also include eco-friendly options at competitive prices. Our customers can choose the most sustainable and environmentally friendly shrinkwrap films on the market today.

Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help to find more sustainable packaging solutions. Alternatively you can view our shrinkwrap guide online to discover more information about our range of shrinkwrap products and how they can help support your business.

Kempner are proud members of Recoup, an organisation that was established in response to the increased realisation that recycling and efficient use of plastic resources are essential for our planet’s future.

Kempner are also members of OPRL (On Pack Recycling Label), an organisation whose aim is to advance circularity and sustainability.

The Kempner Difference

With our experience and expert guidance, machines can be adapted to meet your requirements. Our aim is to work with you to deliver a tailoredshrinkwrap solution that ensures shrinkwrap films are correctly applied to your products in the most efficient way. This means you can be sure you will achieve maximum benefits of shrinkwrapping items without compromising the product.

Kempner machines can be used with a range of shrinkwrap films and can be adapted to suit a range of products. We have created a general outline of our packaging machines, but please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Kempner can supply the industry’s leading shrinkwrap machines and materials to ensure products are protected in the best way possible. We can also commission and service your packaging machinery so you can be sure that interruptions to your production line are kept to a minimum.

Reducing Food Waste With Shrinkwrap

When used properly with accurate packaging machinery shrinkfilm reduces the amount of food waste that finds its way to landfill. The film itself extends the shelf life of the product and will also protect products during transit or while they are on display. Shrinkwrap film will also show clear evidence of any tampering. This means you can be sure that your food products will reach their intended targets without being compromised or contaminated.

Reducing Plastic Waste With Shrinkwrap

Traditionally plastic has been the major constituent of conventional shrinkwrap film materials. Kempner offers a range of revolutionary shrinkwrap products that are: (i) recyclable or compostable (ii) made using renewable materials such as sugar cane; (iii) effective when used in lower volumes than conventional plastic films. These eco-friendly shrink wrap films are perfect for use with food and non-food applications. If you would like more information then visit our environmentally friendly shrinkwrap films page for more information. Alternatively you can contact us for more information.

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