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Shrink Wrap Machinery

We can supply a wide range of shrinkwrap machines, including:

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What is a Shrink Wrap Machine?

A shrinkwrap machine is a type of packaging machine that wraps items in a clear, plastic film. Once a product has been wrapped in shrinkwrap film, heat is then applied to the package, typically through a heat shrink tunnel. This causes the film to shrink tightly around the product. The result is packaging that creates a sealed, tamper-evident package that is protective and visually appealing.

Shrink wrap machines are used for packaging various goods, ranging from food products to consumer electronics. Shrink wrap machines offer a cost-effective, reliable, and versatile packaging solution. One of the main benefits of using a shrink wrap machine is that packaged is wrapped in a strong, thin, and clear. This provides a tamper evident packaging with enhanced optical display properties.

How Does A Shrinkwrap Machine Work?

Here is a basic overview of how these machines typically work:

Step One Product Insertion:

First, the product to be wrapped is placed onto the machine or into the film. For manual or semi-automatic machines, this is done by hand, while fully automatic machines have a conveyor system for product feeding.

Film Wrapping:

The machine then wraps the product with a plastic film. This film can be made of various materials, such as PVC, polyolefin, or polyethylene, depending on the requirements of the product and the process. In some machines, the film is a pre-sized bag, while in others, the film is a continuous roll that is cut and sealed around the product.

Heat Application:

Once the product is wrapped, the machine applies heat to the film. This is usually done in a heat tunnel, through which the wrapped product passes. The heat causes the film to contract tightly around the product. The temperature and speed of the tunnel can often be adjusted to ensure optimal shrinkage for different types of films and products.

Sealing and Cooling:

After the film has shrunk, the product exits the heat tunnel. Some machines have a sealing mechanism that seals the film, ensuring that it stays in place. The product is then allowed to cool, which helps the film to set in its shrunken form.


The final step is the ejection of the shrink-wrapped product from the machine, ready for storage or transport. In automated systems, this often involves conveyor belts or rollers.

The entire process is designed to be quick and efficient, ensuring that products are packaged securely and consistently. Shrink wrap machines are used in a wide range of industries, from food and beverage to electronics, due to their versatility and the robust protection they offer to products.

Shrinkwrappers Offer a Versatile Packaging Solution

The shrinkwrapping process can be optimised to suit a wide range of products and enterprises. We have customers that are small enterprises with relatively low throughput demands, as well as larger scale organisations that have continuous shrinkwrap packaging requirements.

Here at Kempner, we work with our customers to find a shrink wrap machine that can fulfil their packaging requirements. Packaging lines can be very simple, such as chamber shrinkwrap machine and a manual heat gun, or it can be through specialist automatic shrinkwrap packaging machinery. Selecting the correct type of shrink wrap machine is key to efficiency and will allow products to be wrapped in the most economical method.

Are Shrink Wrap Machines Adaptable?

A shrinkwrap machine can be adapted to suite a wide range of businesses. There are shrinkwrap machines for small enterprises with relatively low demand, as well as larger scale organisations that have continuous shrinkwrap packaging requirements. . Kempner is here to offer exactly the right advice for our customers because the right shrink wrap machine is vital to efficiency, allowing as many products to be wrapped in as short an amount of time as possible.

What Type Of Shrinkwrap Machine Do You Need?

We can help identify the most suitable type of shrink wrapping machinery needed for your requirements. When it comes to organising the end of line packaging area, it’s important to consider how quickly packs are produced prior to the wrapping process, what range of sizes are required, and how many packs are to be wrapped in a given time. Whether you’re adapting an existing packaging area, or creating a new one, there are also space and power requirements to keep in mind too.

Shrinkwrap Machinery is Suitable for a Range of Product Types

Whatever the need, there will nearly always be a shrink wrapping machine designed to meet the application. If you would like to discuss individual requirements then Kempner can help you understand which packaging machine and shrinkwrap film options may be best suited to your needs. The ways in which shrink wrapping machines operate can vary in type in a number significant ways. In simple terms the choice is between Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic, but within each of these broader categories there are various options to choose. Below are some of the available options:

biodegradable & environmentally responsible shrinkwrap rolls


An L-Sealer is specifically designed for larger volumes of shrink wrapping. Once one of our automatic L-sealers has been set up, you simply feed your product through the machine.

The L-sealer has two sealing bars, which make a backwards L (hence the name). The shrink film folds along these bars to create a pocket through the crease of the fold. This crease is where products are placed by the conveyor before the other three sides of the shrink film need to be sealed. The shrink wrapper detects when a product is entirely in the machine. It then pushes it further down the production line. Afterwards, typically a shrink tunnel in the production line takes the unheated shrink wrap that has been attached to each item and heats up the wrap until it tightly fits around each product.

Chamber Sealer

A chamber sealer puts the product with the shrink wrap film through a compartment, or chamber, where the shrink wrap is ready to be wrapped around the product. The compartment is heated, so the shrink wrap then compresses, surrounding the product and forming a protective layer. The time this process takes depends on the thickness of the plastic.

Side Sealer

A side sealer is the quickest and most versatile way of packaging large volumes of products. They wrap products in a continuous tube of film, sealing one side of the package. Units are then separated into individual units downstream through a cross seal. Side sealers usually come in one of two configurations: two belts or three belts. A two belt sealer is more compact (only slightly bigger than an L-sealer) and eliminates one of the indeed belts to make the end seal before the side seal.

They are best when you need to wrap longer products but cannot afford to expand production line lengths. Three belt sealers are slightly larger than two belt sealers and have the added advantage of precisely spacing the products before entering the wrapping area.

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How To Choose The Correct Shrinkwrap Machine

We offer a full shrinkwrap machine range, including manual, semi automatic and fully automatic models. The type that will best suit your business depends on a number of factors. These can include your product type, output expectations and packaging requirements. Here at Kempner, we provide a full technical service. This assists our customers in selecting the most appropriate shrink wrap machinery. We have a vast inventory of shrinkwrap machinery for all aspects of the shrink wrapping process. We are here to work with you to build the most efficient setup for your requirements and budget.

Chamber Packaging Shrink Wrap Machine

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective shrink wrap machine, then chamber shrink wrapping machines are the ideal solution for you. They don’t cost much to run and from only a small footprint can provide excellently finished results. The machinery is extremely easy to use, combining the sealing and shrinking process at the same time.

Data sheet for bubble seal and shrink wrap machine

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Our semi-Automatic shrink wrapping machines add a degree of automation to the shrink wrap process. Automatic shrinkwrappers aid both the seal function and permit the automatic transfer of packs to the shrink tunnel. With automatic shrink wrap machines, pack speeds of up to 10 packs per minute are normally achievable.

Data Sheet for Semi-Automatic L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

A fully automatic packaging shrink wrap machine begins with an output rate of 25-30 packs per minute and moves up to and beyond 100 packs per minute. This removes direct operator involvement whilst maintaining enough flexibility to be customised for most shrink pack profiles.

We would request any potential user of our wrapping machinery to seek our specific guidance. This ensures that the most appropriate selection of equipment and shrink wrap film is made.

Data sheet for automatic l-sealers and shrink tunnels

Shrink Tunnels

Our selection of shrink tunnels include a wide range of efficient packaging machines. We offer a consultative service will help you to find the best shrink tunnel to suit your needs.  Shrink tunnels can accommodate different pack profiles. You can find out more about our shrink tunnel options, or get in contact to find a shrink tunnel solution for your requirements.

Browse our range of shrink wrap heat tunnels today.

Sleeve Sealer Machines

We supply sleeve sealer machines that can handle a wide range of product types. Our sleeve sealer packaging solutions can be tailored to your space and budgetary requirements. At Kempner, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We work with our clients to find the most suitable packaging solution. Get in contact to discuss our range of sleeve sealers or find out which packaging machine would be best for your product.

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Frequently asked questions about shrink packing equipment

What types of products can be packaged using shrink wrap machinery?

Shrink wrap machines can handle a wide range of products. This includes food and beverages, pharmaceutical products, consumer goods, books, construction materials right through to electronics and white goods.

If you’re unsure whether your product can be wrapped, it’s best to consult with the machinery manufacturer. We are more than happy to discuss your packaging requirements and find the best packaging machinery options to suit your specific needs.

How much space will a shrink wrap machine require?

The space required will depend on the specific model of machine. Some compact models might fit in a small space, while larger, industrial-grade machines will require more room. Always check the dimensions of the machine before purchase.

The shrinkwrap machinery we are able to offer here at Kempner can be adapted to work within specific footprints. In the past we have had customers with very limited space, or architectural features that needed to be worked around. Just get in touch with us to discuss the space and the packaging requirements and we can do our best to find a solution.

What are the power requirements for shrink wrap machinery?

Power requirements can vary based on the size and type of machine. Always check the specifications provided by the manufacturer and hire a professional electrician if you need a survey or safety check. Some machines may require a three-phase power supply.

We supply a range of modern shrink wrap machines that are far more energy efficient than previous models. If you would like to discuss the power usage with us we can also advise on the best ways to use your packaging machine for effective shrink reduction with the most efficient heat outputs.

Are shrinkwrap machines suitable for industrial purposes

Many shrinkwrap machines are highly suitable for industrial use due to their ability to handle high-volume packaging with efficiency and reliability. These machines are robust, capable of continuous operation, and can accommodate a diverse range of product sizes and shapes.

We can help customers get the right shrinkwrap machine to provide the benefits in industrial settings, including reducing operational costs through enhanced productivity and lower material usage. Additionally, our shrinkwrap machines can be customised and integrated into existing production lines, and many support environmentally friendly materials, aligning with sustainable industrial practices.

Is it difficult to operate and maintain shrink wrap machinery?

Most shrink wrap machines are designed for ease of use, with straightforward control panels. Regular maintenance typically involves cleaning and checking the sealing components and conveyor belts for wear.

As mentioned above, professional commissioning will make life a lot more simple for setting up a machine. We can also help our customers with the operation of their machines and provide demonstrations of how to use them to best effect.

Can modern shrink wrap machinery be integrated with my existing production line?

Many shrink wrap machines can be integrated into existing production lines. However, the specifics will depend on your current setup and the machine model. It’s best to discuss this with the manufacturer or supplier.

The beauty of our shrinkwrap systems is that they can be adapted to a wide range of product types, so it is highly likely that we will be able to integrate automatic shrinwrap machinery without too much difficulty.

What's the lifespan of a shrink wrap machine?

With regular maintenance, shrink wrap machines can last many years. The intensity of use and how well machines are maintained will determine the lifespan. We offer planned preventive maintenance as well as regular servicing, which can dramatically increase the lifespan.

How Much Does a Shrinkwrap Machine Cost?

The cost of a shrinkwrap machine varies significantly based on type, capacity, and level of automation. Manual machines, suitable for low-volume operations, are the most affordable, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. Semi-automatic machines, balancing manual and automated functions for medium-volume needs, typically cost several thousand pounds up to around £10,000. Fully automatic machines, designed for high-volume industrial use, are the most expensive, with prices ranging from £10,000 to over £50,000, depending on their features and capabilities. Customised solutions tailored to specific industrial requirements can be even more costly. Additionally, factors like brand, supplier, installation, maintenance, and shipping can influence the final price, making it advisable to compare quotes from various suppliers.