Bottle Packaging Machinery

Here at Kempner, we supply a wide range of packaging solutions for the food and drink industry. We have two primary machine types for handling bottles, shrinkwrap machines and flowwrap machines.

Kempner packaging machines for bottles are extremely versatile. Our shrinkwrap solutions are adaptable and we can supply machines and materials that are specifically aimed at suppliers of bottled goods. Whether you produce bottled water, alcoholic beverages, dairy, condiments and sauces or pharmaceutical products, our shrink wrap solutions will be able to individually seal bottled products. Our solutions can also combine multiple items into convenient packs for transit and display.

Whether you are choosing to upscale your current bottle shrink wrap processes or are looking to start a new line, our industry knowledge and consultative customer can help you identify the best bottle packaging solution. Shrink wrapping bottles offers the advantage that the contents can be seen. They can also be wrapped in printed films which can enhance branding.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Our shrinkwrap machines can be modified to accommodate different bottle dimensions and can be used with a range of shrinkwrap materials. We can help identify a shrinkwrap machines to suit space and budgetary requirements.

Flow Wrap Machines

Our flowwrapping machines can be used with a variety of bottled products. Flow wrap packs in non-formed pouches or bags to create a seal around your bottles. Flow wrap machines are well-suited to range of bottled products.


Kempner Packaging Machinery For Bottles

Our machines are adaptable and we have a versatile range of shrinkwrap machines that can handle different items and product types. Our machines are compatible with different plastic film materials, meaning you can use a wide range of plastic film materials over the lifetime of a machine. Kempner shrink wrap machines for bottles can be adapted to meet the demands of various order sizes and bottle pack arrangements.


Kempner Packaging Solutions Help Protect Bottled Products

Properly applied shrinkwrap film make it easy to identify signs of damage or tampering. Being able to see if products have been damaged or contaminated can help to maintain consumer confidence that products have not been compromised in transit or whilst on display. Kempner shrink wrap machines ensure proper application of shrink wrap materials, meaning your bottles can reach  their destinations in the intended condition.


Shrink Wrap Machine Options For Bottles That Save Customers Time And Money

We have the largest inventory of shrink wrap machinery in the United Kingdom. We can supply machines that are fully or semi automatic, or entirely manually, depending on your production outputs. Our chamber shrink wrap machine is hand-operated and takes up a small footprint, which makes it ideal for smaller producers. For those with higher outputs, our semi automatic and fully automated shrink wrap machines can handle packages much faster with reduced manpower requirements.

APSS line machinery - Kempner's shrink wrap machines. Packaging machinery for bottles


Quality and Versatility Assured

Our shrink wrap machines are widely used in food product manufacturing, so they also conform to the hygiene standards required in the drinks industry. It is also worth noting that the packaging machinery for bottles offered by Kempner are modern, economical and efficient. We operate with a third-party quality assurance accreditation that meets BS EN ISO 9001:2015n. If you would like more information about our range of machine types and their functions then do not hesitate to get in contact.

shrink wrap machine by kempner


The Kempner Difference 

With our experience and expert guidance, kempner machines can be adapted to meet your requirements. Our aim is to work with you to deliver a tailored bottle packaging solution that ensure shrinkwrap films are safely applied to products. This means you can be sure you will achieve maximum benefits of shrinkwrapping items without compromising the product.

Kempner machines can be used with a range of shrinkwrap films and can be tailored to suit a range of industrial product types. We have created a general outline of our packaging machines, but please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Kempner can supply the industry’s leading shrinkwrap machines and materials to ensure that your products are protected in the best way possible. We can also commission and service your industrial packaging machinery so you can be sure that interruptions to your production line are kept to a minimum.

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