Semi Automatic Shrinkwrap Machines

Our Combination Shrink Wrap Machines bridge the gap between manual stand-alone sealers and chamber (or “Bubble”) units and fully automatic shrink wrapping machinery.

Solenoid lock-down and power take-off are fitted as standard. There are two clamps placed at the front of the sealer, to ensure the maximisation of sealing pressure – which is an essential requirement for any sealer.

All our packaging machines are consistently user friendly: full height adjustment is easily achieved for a variety of different sized packs. and the shrink wrap which it uses simply sits on ball-race rollers, and is then secured in position locking guides.

Shrink wrap film perforation is optional, but when required can be achieved through fully adjustable pin wheels. These may be positioned to maximise the effectiveness of the air evacuation on any given pack.

Seal temperature adjustment is easily carried out to ensure that consistent temperatures are maintained.

The sealers link by conveyor to their counterpart shrink tunnel, which offer a live silicone sleeved roller conveyor, and full air control throughout the chamber. on all four sides. Optionally a mesh belt can added for the benefit of smaller, or unstable packs. The combination of air placement, velocity and temperature is outstanding; automatic cool-down is offered as a standard feature.

semi automatic packaging machine in black

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine: The Kempner SLM 4055T

Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines from Kempner

The SLM 4055T  shrink wrapping machine offers a monoblock, semi automatic compact L sealer and shrink tunnel. The plan sealing dimensions are 550 mm by 400 mm. The maximum pack height is 150 mm.

Please note that the maximum sealing dimensions must be reduced by half the height of the pack. The service requirements are 415/380 volts 3 phase and neutral 50 Hz 20 amps per phase.

Modular Semi Automatic L Sealers and Shrink Tunnels

Our Semi Automatic L – Sealer Shrink Wrap Machines

The available range is as follows:

  • L sealers :- ML 4050 – sealing dimensions – 400 x 500 mm
  • L sealers: – ML 5070 – sealing dimensions – 500 x 700 mm
  • L sealers: – ML 70100 – sealing dimensions – 550 x750mm
  • L sealers: – ML 10001200 – sealing dimensions – 1000 x 1200mm

Vertical Seal Head Semi Automatic L Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine

We also offer two sizes of semi-automatic L Sealer with a vertical rising and falling sealer head. These allow exceptional pack heights to be processed.


  • ML 1622 sealing dimensions 550 x 400mm
  • ML 2028 sealing dimensions 700 x 500mm

Please see our range of fully-compatible shrink tunnels. If you would like more information about any of our packaging machinery then please feel free to get in touch, our experts will be able to advise you on the right packaging machine for your purpose.

semi automatic packaging machine in black

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