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Tamper-evident packaging is used in a broad range of industries by an even broader range of businesses. Not only does it provide security, but it also offers protection, in the eyes of the consumer it instils trust and in some cases, can lengthen the life cycle of a product.

What is Tamper-Resistant Packaging?

Tamper-resistant packaging is used on a variety of products and items. The main function of the packaging is to ensure that when the product reaches the final consumer or business, it is in exactly the same condition as when it left the manufacturer and is presented as originally intended. Tamper-resistant packaging is usually some form of seal, which is clearly evident if broken, indicating to the consumer that it is not in the intended condition.

Types of Tamper-resistant Packaging

Tamper-resistant packaging is used on a vast number of products, and for many of which, it is a vital aspect. It can be seen across many of the supermarket shelves and E-commerce stores. The following are examples of items that utilise the benefits of tamper-resistant packaging: CD’s and DVD’s, food items, software and documents that include sensitive information amongst many, many others.

Polyolefin shrink film is a superior form of tamper-resistant packaging solutions, not only for the protective benefits it provides but also for the appearance and versatility. It can be used on products of all shapes and sizes, as well as edible items or perishables. The item enclosed is tightly sealed, and any level of interference will be clearly visible.

Why is it Beneficial?

Many products now have a complex, and long distribution channel and items are handled frequently during transit. This makes it imperative that tamper-resistant packaging is protecting your product, ensuring that it reaches the consumer in the intended form. Tamper-resistant packaging reduces the likelihood of damage, and shrink film, in particular, allows the consumer full visibility of the enclosed product as the material is clear.

Quality Control

As previously mentioned, having tamper-evident packaging on your product enables the business or consumer that receives your product to know whether or not the item has experienced any interference on-route. Having packaging that has seals or is tightly fitting makes it clear whether the item has been damaged. If the main source of your businesses income is generated from the sale of an item, then it is vital that the item is received in the condition you intended. If it arrives damaged or has been ‘tampered’ with, it is likely to result in a loss of sale, which if reoccurring, could have a detrimental effect on your company’s profits.


In extreme cases, tamper-evident packaging can prevent life-threatening actions. Its use is of paramount importance in the pharmaceutical industry as medicines and prescriptions intended for patients should remain consistent and as indicated on the packaging. If the item has been tampered with, it could ultimately, seriously affect someone’s life. Tamper-evident packaging removes the concern as to whether the enclosed drugs are as intended, it enables the consumer to feel comfortable that what they are taking is as prescribed.
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