Case Study: Packaging Machinery for Timber & Wood Products

Packaging machinery for timber & wood products. Shrinkwrap solution delivered for a large manufacturer of garden products

A very large manufacturer of garden products approached us for a piece of shrink packaging equipment that would offer very high output speeds, shrink wrapping a variety of components, to ensure that customers receive complete self-assembly kits.

When taking into account the criteria to shrink wrap heavy timber products, we needed to carefully consider the strength of the packaging to ensure the products were adequately protected and damage free after being shipped.

Timber Packaging Solution

Kempner recommended the use of a high speed side sealer from our selection of packaging machinery to be used with polythene film. Polythene plastic shrink wrap is durable and puncture-resistant, which makes it an ideal material for use in shrink wrapping machinery for timber or other large, bulkly products that could be vulnerable to damage in transport or shipping.

Kempner supplied the side sealing machine together with infeed and outfeed conveyors from our range of packaging machines to allow the timber company to do all of their shrink wrapping in house, significantly cutting down on their packaging costs.

The infeed conveyor is fully integrated with the side sealer whilst the outfeed conveyor has been additionally automated to ensure that packs can be collated on a pallet.

The Benefits of Shrinkwrap For Timber Products


Shrink wrapping timber products, such as garden furniture and wooden flooring, offers several benefits, enhancing protection, logistics, and marketability. Here are key advantages:

Protection Against Environmental Elements: Shrink wrapping provides a tight seal around timber products, shielding them from moisture, dust, and UV radiation. This is crucial for preventing warping, discoloration, and damage from water or sun exposure, ensuring the products remain in pristine condition during storage and transit.

Damage Prevention During Transit: The snug fit of shrink wrap minimizes movement of the products within their packaging, reducing the risk of scratches, dents, or other forms of physical damage while being transported.

Enhanced Durability: Shrink wrap is made from durable, puncture-resistant materials that can withstand rough handling and long shipping durations. This durability ensures the timber products are well-protected against potential damages from external forces.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to other packaging materials, shrink wrap can be more cost-effective due to its lower material costs and the reduced need for additional protective packaging layers. It also tends to be lightweight, which can help in reducing shipping costs.

Improved Storage Efficiency: Shrink-wrapped products can be stacked and stored more efficiently, maximizing warehouse space. The clear wrap allows for easy identification of products without the need to open the packaging, facilitating better inventory management.

Sustainability Options: With advancements in materials technology, biodegradable and recyclable shrink wrap options are increasingly available, offering a more sustainable choice for companies committed to environmental responsibility.

Market Presentation: Shrink wrapping can enhance the market presentation of timber products. The clear film allows the beauty and quality of the wood to be visible, while also providing a surface for branding and informational labels, improving product appeal to potential buyers.

Overall, shrink wrapping is an effective packaging solution for timber products, offering robust protection, logistical efficiencies, and potential marketing benefits while being adaptable to sustainability goals.

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