Shrink Wrap Chamber Machines

The chamber shrink wrapping machine or “Bubble” is designed as an easy to use, single step machine where the sealing of the pack and its shrink down takes place within the same single space. This provides for a very small machine footprint, combined with great ease of use to achieve a professionally finished result. Ideal for businesses looking to streamline their production and ensure that they always meet deadlines and high demand, the chamber shrink wrapping machine is an essential piece of equipment to invest in.

The chamber shrink wrapping machine is semi-automatic in operation; after the operator lowers the hood and initiates the sealing sequence, a solenoid engages, and the remainder of the seal and shrink process takes place automatically. (Please see the video contained on this page for more information).

These packaging machines, including the chamber shrink wrapping machine, can run in two modes; seal only, or seal and shrink. The former option is allow for bagging only situations.

One of the most noted features of the shrink wrap chamber machine is its efficient heat output and level of air turbulence, allowing polyolefin as well as pvc. shrink film to be easily used. This is another feature of the shrink wrap chamber machine that makes it suitable for seamless production for businesses.

The bubbles come in a number of sizes, dependent on pack requirements, and they can be ideally used in environments where space is restricted, or where throughput is light, or to augment other shrink wrap lines on an occasional basis.

As the Bubble is mounted on casters, and runs from a single phase power source, it can be easily moved to where it is required.

Overall the shrink wrap chamber machine is a very versatile and competent packaging machine, which offers outstanding performance.

Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Wrapping Demonstration – Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machine


The shrink wrap chamber machine range offers easy film size changeover and adjustment, incorporating a mandrel and cones, and ball-race film carrier mountings. Full pack height adjustment is possible through simple splitter plate movement and platform placement.

Our available chamber shrink wrapping machine models are listed below, with plan sealing dimensions also given:-

  • KE-4000 plan sealing dimensions 430 x 290mm
  • KE-5000 plan sealing dimensions 550 x 420mm
  • KE-8000 plan sealing dimensions 800 x 600mm

Power requirements:-
KE-4000 and KE-5000 – 240 volts AC 50 hz 13 amps KE-8000 – 415 Volts 3 phase and neutral 10 amps per phase

We would request any potential user to seek our specific guidance so that we can ensure that the shrink wrap chamber machine has been correctly selected. If you would like to find out more about our chamber shrink wrapping machine range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and helpful team, today.

Download our data sheet for the Bubble seal & shrink wrap chamber machine, here.

chamber shrink wrap machinery

Guide to Start up and Control Panel of a Chamber Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine

*As we continue to work to improve our range of packaging machinery please note that we may vary any stated specifications without notice.

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