Case Study: Confectionery Shrinkwrap Machine  Solution

Confectionery Shrinkwrap Packaging Solution required for a confectionery manufacturer.

We were approached by a high volume manufacturer of quality confectionery products. They required a high speed replacement to their automatic shrink wrapping line. Automatic shrinkwrap packaging machinery is ideal for companies that need to wrap large amounts of products in a relatively short amount of time.

Confectionery Packaging Solutions

After careful consideration of our customers requirements, we recommended our side sealer. The side sealer shrink packaging machine has been successfully integrated into the confectionery production line and continues to perform excellently to this day.

The implementation of this new technology has allowed the confectionery manufacturer to substitute their prior shrink plastic film with our Ultra polyolefin shrink film type JIA and this has resulted in significant savings over their previous film expenditure.

Our JIA shrink plastic is perfectly suited for use in conjunction with high speed packaging machinery, where its stiffness, and consistent flatness (or planarity), allows good machinability, as well as robustness when handled. This shrink plastic has graphics capabilities that outperform many varieties of wrapping plastic.

The Kempner Difference

Kempner truly care about every customer’s commitment to us as shrink wrap suppliers. We ensure that we match that undertaking by offering the best shrink wrapping equipment and film in the market at the lowest possible prices.

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