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Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines

At Kempner, we offer a number of automatic shrink wrap machines in our fully automatic range. Our automated shrink wrap machinery is versatile and can be suitable for different packs, as well as different volume requirements. These are both Automatic L Sealers, and for even faster throughput, Side Sealers.

Our automatic L Sealer machine range can be supplied either as single body machines, where the L Sealer and Shrink tunnel are incorporated within the same frame, or as separate units. In these cases, we can also supply standalone Shrink Tunnels to our customers.

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines.

Automatic shrinkwrap machines are suitable for all production line speeds, from the simplest manual shrink wrapping machines, through to high speed flow wrappers and continuous motion side sealers.

Our policy regarding shrink tunnel development is to offer shrink tunnels that are capable of matching any end user requirement. This enables all our customers to access our extensive and quality automatic shrink wrap machine range.

If you would like specific guidance about our automatic shrink wrap machine range, we would recommend that you speak to a member of our experienced team. This means that we can ensure that any shrink tunnel or automatic shrink wrap machine has been correctly selected and you will be able to use the fully automatic shrink wrapping machine to the best of its ability. Please contact us for further information about shrink tunnels and packaging machines.

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Combined Automatic L Sealer Machine and Tunnels

The combined automatic l sealer machine has the following features:

  • Mono-block machines where sealer and tunnel are mounted on a single chassis – with a single power supply and a small foot print.
  • Fitted with casters to aid moving the machine to different productivity centres.

LA5000T – 450mm x 410mm plan sealing dimensions
LA6000T – 610mm x 480mm plan sealing dimensions and fitted with centre seal as standard.

Automatic L Sealer Machine Range

LA6000CS – 610mm x 480mm plan sealing dimensions
LA8000CS – 860mm x 670mm plan sealing dimensions

All machines within our Automatic L Sealer machine range, including our Combined Automatic L Sealer and Tunnel shrink wrapping machine, have the following features:

  • Radius seal blade join – when the seal is made there is no cut into the waste film minimising the scrap required and hence reducing your on-going film costs.
  • The shrink wrap film is advanced simultaneously with the scrap wind up – minimising the scrap required and allowing light weight products to be wrapped easily.
  • Multi-pack function – allows multiple packs and packs that would normally trigger the photocell prematurely to be run without problems.
  • Fitted with kissing conveyors to ease the transfer of product from infeed to outfeed conveyors.
  • Fitted with Centre seal function as standard – centring the seal to the height of the pack, minimising the amount of film used and allowing higher packs to be wrapped.
  • Each seal bar has independent temperature control.
  • Low level shrink wrap film position for easy loading of film rolls.
  • Fitted with adjustable perforation devices
  • Fitted with touch screen display to control machine functions.

Automatic Side Sealers

A fully automatic packaging shrink wrap machine begins with an output rate of 25-30 packs per minute and moves up to and beyond 100 packs per minute. This removes direct operator involvement whilst maintaining enough flexibility to be customised for most shrink pack profiles.

We would request any potential user of our wrapping machinery to seek our specific guidance, so that we can ensure that the most appropriate selection of equipment and shrink wrap film is made.

Data sheet for automatic l-sealers and shrink tunnels

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines and Services.

Automatic Shrink Wrapping

Find out more about the process of Automatic Shrink Wrapping.

Shrink Tunnel Control Options

See our Automatic L Sealer Machine in action and discover Shrink Tunnel Control Options.

Feeding the Shrink Wrap

Watch some footage of our team feeding the Shrink Wrap Film into Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines.

The Gripper Roller

See how our expert team put the Shrink Wrap Film underneath the Gripper Roller in an Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Putting the Shrink Wrap Film in place

Check out our team member putting the Shrink Wrap Film in place ready for automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines.

Manual Seal

Explore the process of creating a Manual Seal with our Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines.

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Kempner truly care about every customer’s commitment to us as shrink wrap suppliers. We ensure that we match that undertaking by offering the best shrink wrapping equipment and film in the market at the lowest possible prices.

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Automatic Shrinkwrap Machinery Frequently Asked Questions

What is automatic shrinkwrap machinery?

Automatic shrinkwrap machinery refers to packaging systems designed to facilitate the automated wrapping of products in shrinkwrap – a plastic film that tightens around an object when heat is applied. These machines streamline the packaging process by automatically handling tasks such as wrapping, sealing, and shrinking, ensuring a quick, efficient, and uniform packaging solution. This level of automation reduces human error and increases the speed of operations, thereby improving overall productivity.

What industries commonly use automatic shrinkwrap machinery?

Automatic shrinkwrap machinery is incredibly versatile, finding applications across numerous industries. These include the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, electronics, publishing, and many others. Essentially, any sector that requires products to be individually or collectively wrapped for protection, tamper evidence, or aesthetic appeal can potentially benefit from automatic shrinkwrap machinery.

What are the benefits of using automatic shrinkwrap machinery?

The advantages of using automatic shrinkwrap machinery are manifold. Firstly, they significantly enhance the efficiency and consistency of the packaging process, thanks to their automated operations. This leads to time savings and cost-effectiveness, particularly in terms of reduced labor expenses. Secondly, shrinkwrap offers excellent product protection, guarding against dust, moisture, and damage. Lastly, most shrinkwrap films are recyclable and lightweight, contributing to sustainable practices and reducing shipping costs due to their minimal weight.

How much space is needed for automatic shrinkwrap machinery?

The space required for automatic shrink wrapper can greatly vary depending on the size and model of the machine. Factors like the machine’s capacity and the dimensions of the products it can handle play a significant role in determining the space requirement. It is crucial to assess your available floor space and cross-verify it with the machine’s specifications to ensure a compatible fit.

What types of products can be packaged with automatic shrinkwrap machinery?

The versatility of automatic shrinkwrap machinery allows it to package an extensive range of products. This includes boxed goods, canned items, books, electronics, and more. However, certain machines may be more suitable for specific product types based on their design and functionality. This can depend on factors such as the product’s size, shape, weight, and material.

What are the energy requirements for automatic shrinkwrap machinery?

The energy requirements of automatic shrinkwrap machinery can differ significantly based on the model, its operational speed, and its features. It’s imperative to review the machinery’s power specifications prior to purchasing to confirm whether it aligns with your facility’s energy supply and infrastructure. Also, consider the machine’s energy efficiency, as energy-saving features can lead to significant cost savings over the machine’s lifespan.

What is the output capacity of automatic shrinkwrap machinery?

The output capacity of automatic shrinkwrap machinery can vary widely depending on factors such as the machine’s design, size, and operational speed, as well as the product’s size and type. Some high-performance machines can package thousands of units per hour, making them an excellent choice for high-volume operations. It’s essential to consider your operational needs and choose a machine with an output capacity that aligns with your requirements.

Can automatic shrinkwrap machinery handle different types of shrinkwrap film?

Most automatic shrinkwrap machines are engineered to work with a variety of shrinkwrap films. This includes PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polyolefin, and polyethylene films, among others. However, compatibility can vary between different machines and should be confirmed with the manufacturer or supplier prior to purchase. Understanding your packaging needs and the properties of different shrink films can help you choose a machine that accommodates your preferred type of film.

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