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Presentation Packaging

Kempner have a wealth of expertise in all aspects of presentation packaging. As such, we’ll help you to find a cost-effective solution that meets all your display needs. Our packaging machines are made up of three main categories:

– Shrink Wrap machinery
– Flow Wrap machinery
– Pouch Filling machinery

Plastic Presentation Packaging Solutions for All Product Types

Kempner has been providing shrink wrap presentation packaging solutions in the UK for over 40 years. As an independent supplier, we can guide you on the sort of presentation packaging film technology that will suit your class of products the best. We have unrivalled access to a comprehensive range of packaging machine types, too, which means being able to find a solution that will suit your budget and available space. Thanks to our long-standing presence in the industry combined with our considerable purchasing power, we are able to pass on enviable savings to our customers.

Helping Customers Find Presentation Shrink Wrap Solutions

We take a consultative approach with all our customers. This means finding the right shrink wrap packaging system for presenting a straightforward process. With Kempner, we will consider all of the relevant factors such as space restrictions, production outputs and material costs before we propose a machine option or a type of packaging solution. Note that we offer manual, automated and semi-automated machines to cover every type of presentation packaging requirement. Further, our machines are adaptable so there is considerable scope to future proof your packaging processes by adding components to your existing packaging machinery.

Modern shrink wrap film comes in two main categories

Firstly, there are shrink wrap films that are primarily designed to offer protection for goods that are in transit. The other type consists of shrink wrap film that is designed to showcase goods off to the consumer when they hit the shelves.

Of course, these two types will overlap with one another to a degree. Presentation packaging provides protection when goods are being transported while protective shrink wrap still allows the items within to be displayed effectively.

Kempner can advise you of the best way to obtain the right sort of balance between protection and presentation.

Where there is a requirement for the enhanced display properties of presentation packaging, however, it is best to opt for purpose-made presentation shrink wrap. This will often mean selecting either polyolefin (POF) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shrink wrap film.

Both excellent choices, POF and PVC shrink wrap films:

  • Are ideal for retail displays, especially to showcase products at the point of sale.
  • Will offer an enhanced appearance of the product within.
  • Are widely used to display toys and books.
  • Are suited to the safe presentation of foodstuffs.

POF shrink wrap films provide exemplary optics, are cost-effective and will work with nearly all shrink wrap machines. By comparison, PVC shrink wrap film is an ideal choice for flexible packs and when presentation packaging might be required for heat sensitive products.

The Kempner Difference

We truly care about our customers’ commitment to us as shrink wrap and pouch filling machinery suppliers. We ensure that we match that undertaking by offering the best shrink wrapping equipment and films in the market at the lowest possible prices.

Kempner has been under the same management control for 40 years. During that time, we have built an unrivalled reputation as one of the UK’s leading shrink wrap machinery suppliers; supporting our customers and standing behind our shrink wrapping equipment with loyalty and commitment to providing an excellent service.

We recognise the trust placed in us when customers appoint us as their supplier of shrink wrap machinery and shrink wrap materials. We repay that trust by ensuring that our products are available from stock and perform as required to vindicate your decision to buy shrink wrap from us.

Please browse our site as you wish and contact us so that we may have the opportunity to introduce you to the UK’s best shrink wrap machinery and shrink wrap materials.

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