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Demand for shrink wrap films such as PVC shrink wrap film and Polyolefin are set to increase significantly in the world marketplace according to a new report.

Stretch and shrink films are most notably used for packaging purposes for a staggering range of products from electrical goods, toys, cosmetics, food and beverages to name a few. With a steady increase of products from all around the world being shipped to other countries there has been more demand for packaging that can withstand the wear and tear of transportation without affecting the product. With the demand for products the world over to get higher, the demand for shrink wrap films and packaging will also increase.

The food and beverage industry have adopted this way of packaging the most as shrink wrap packaging has the ability to withstand the rigours of transport whilst also keeping the food fresher. Not only is food driving the demand for shrink wrap films up but also the internet. With e-commerce rising at a staggering rate the demand for packaging solutions also increases which in turn affects the shrink wrap industry positively.

The high efficiency of film manufacturing and layering in conjunction with the increasing sales of retail products has seen the demand for pallet unitisation as a means to ship in bulk. This is also another factor for the proposed increase within the shrink wrap film industry.

Another interesting aspect to the forecast growth is people being more aware of personal health. As people are beginning to be more clued up in terms of their health, such as diet and exercise, there will be an increase in health based packaged beverages, food and equipment, which needs to be packaged and shipped.


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