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Through the years, trends such as camping and glamping have spurred those of a creative mind to look a little further into their imaginations to create some wild and wonderful contraptions in which you can sleep. Back in the summer of 2015, two innovative people decided to create ‘UrbanCampSite Amsterdam’ inviting campers from all over the world to exhibit their weirdest camping creations in one area. Be it a capsule made from shrink wrap film, or a cage that shows a work of art and a deep conceptual meaning, here are just five of the most unusual places in which you could sleep, shown at this artistic adventure land:


Ibc Shrink Wrap House

One of the creations brought to this amazing art project was the Ibc shrink wrap house. A wire frame structure was built to form as the basis for the shrink wrap plastic. The interiors are very simple with the bare wire geometric frame creating an interesting form of wall art. The house has just enough room to house a single bed and nothing more, it may be basic but forms an incredible cost effective, weatherproof capsule, which would probably be a lovely place to camp out! Shrink wrap plastic has many uses, and creating a home is just one!

Upside down you turn me

This next creation is based on a survival capsule. Climbing up the ladder into the two-bed area, you can look out of the hemispherical windows at the bare views beyond. Or if you’d prefer to sit outside, the bedroom above provides a solid shelter from the elements. The crisp white outer shell is clean cut and modern looking, reflecting the bareness of the inside on the outside.


The Trampotent encompasses all things fun into one amazing contraption, a trampoline by day, and a cosy bedroom by night. One of the more spacious creations the Trampotent was built to blend in to the sandy background of the campsite in Amsterdam. Furnished inside with comfy cushions, rugs and blankets, this makes a perfect romantic spot for a little nap under the stars.

Universe 7

Looking a little more like a spaceship than a bedroom, the Universe 7 again has a very simple interior, with nothing more than the bare wood walls and a bed built from scaffolding and wooden pallets. The coolest feature of this metal balloon is that is can be turned on its wooden perch to face which ever direction you like, seeking out the sun (or in this case taking a peek at the completion.)


The colourful creation of the Bedbug combines a cool beach hut vibe with a modern, space vibe. On the outside it portrays one image, and when you venture in, the silver interior makes the light bounce around and creates a cosy environment. The outside lives up to its name, with six legs positioned to look very much like a bed bug, but much friendlier! The inside sleeps two in individual simple single beds making you snug as a bug!

2017 brings another chance for you to bring your very own innovative creation, maybe your shrink wrap plastic housing creation could be the next big feature of the UrbanCampSite Amsterdam. Get designing today and utilize one of our shrink wrap packaging machines for your ingenious design.