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Here at Kempner we pride ourselves on being able to solve a client’s business obstacles whilst providing a high level of service with our merchandise and food packaging equipment.

In today’s world there are an unlimited amount of items that are produced and then required to be transported to parts of the world ready for the consumer to purchase and be used.

We thought we would show you two examples of how we have used our knowledge and expertise to solve two clients’ business conundrums.


Book Packaging Solution for an educational book publisher


An educational book publisher came to us wanting to package educational toys together with books with the aim to shrink wrap the products in a safe and cost effective manner. Their main requirements were that products were presented in the best possible way whilst the toys and books stayed together and couldn’t be separated in any way.

We recommended the use of Ultra KCB shrink wrap film to ensure that the pack had a particularly high abuse resistance. This was particularly important as packaging and their contents produce a significant risk to the audience of the product: children.

The product needed to appeal to the consumer in an attractive manner, which was another reason why we opted for Ultra KCB shrink wrap as it is optically attractive and can withstand the wear and tear of the transit process. The client opted to purchase a bubble seal and shrink machine to provide the overall packaging solution from start to finish.


Exam Paper Shrink Wrap Packaging Solution for University Press


A university came to us with the requirement to provide secure packaging for examination papers so they couldn’t be accessed prior to the examinations whilst also providing suitable resistance to everyday wear and tear. Another requirement was they needed was high output speeds to cope with the large quantities of exam papers that they were printing and distributing.

We suggested that our automatic combined L-sealer and shrink tunnel was the perfect option to fulfil their criteria as the machine is known for its high output speeds and secure packaging.

When used with polyolefin shrink film Ultra type KCA shrink film, the packaging is durable, with a high resistance to tears, punctures and abrasions whilst also being hugely cost effective.


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