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Here at Kempner we use the brand Ultra for our comprehensive range of Polyolefin shrink wrap plastics in conjunction with the best food packaging equipment; this allows us to reach and excel our customer’s criteria at the best possible prices. Due to our principles and 40 years’ experience within the industry we have achieved an unrivalled reputation for producing outstanding service time and time again.

Our customers are key to our success and come from a variety of industries that challenges us on a daily basis. Read below to see an example of this:


Seafood Packaging Solution for a large seafood processor

This was one of the more unusual applications for our shrink wrap machinery and material services that allowed us to test ourselves to meet their criteria. Firstly we had to be able to wrap a product where the meat had been removed and then added back into the shell, and the second requirement was to shrink wrap the meat on a tray on its own.

Our recommendation was to use our semi-automatic combined L-sealer, this can be seen below.


Using this machine along with a shrink tunnel and Ultra JC shrink film plastic allowed us to reach their criteria at a financially viable cost. The JC shrink plastic from Ultra is the go to choice for produce products such as seafood and meat as its extremely durable, minimising the risk of punctures. Punctures, especially with seafood and meat, will make food spoil very quickly if exposed to the elements, which is why this packaging solution worked so well. Another feature to this plastic is its exceptional optics; the clarity allows consumers to see the product clearly and allows for the item to be displayed correctly.

The apparatus used ensured that the packaging was acceptable, meeting health, safety and food regulations along with minimising waste and ensuring that a high level of consistency among the packaging was upheld for every unit of seafood.


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