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You may assume that investing in a shrink wrap machine is unnecessary for your business. However, they are a product we sometimes take for granted. With such a multitude of functions and uses, finding the purpose of a shrink wrap machine is simple; we’ve created a list of the top reasons why your company could benefit from investing in shrink wrapping machinery.

Shrink wrap machine


Perhaps the most obvious reason for purchasing a shrink wrap machine is for packaging. Shrink wrap packaging film is widely used in the food and drink industry, but there are a plethora of other things which can also benefit from this method of packaging. From small food items to building materials, there are almost no limits to what can be shrink wrapped. The versatility of the material means the machines have been developed to suit any criteria that businesses propose. Shrink wrapping products make them more appealing, and images and branding can be easily printed onto the material. In addition to this, shrink wrapping can also extend the shelf life of certain products, such as frozen pizza, which is beneficial to the seller.


Shrink wrap film is deceptively strong, despite its thin appearance, especially when a few layers are coiled together to create tighter and stronger bonds. When shipping large orders around the country and further afield, shrink wrapping can prevent damage from being caused, such as scrapes and scuffs. The material also prevents interference from the elements, particularly water. Water damage is often irreversible to some products and incurs several costs. The shrink wrap clings tightly to the item, acting as a waterproof barrier.

Gift Wrap

Using a shrink wrap machine and film to prepare gifts for those a long distance away is a great way to save space and money. It can be expensive to send large gifts overseas, as pricing works out in relation to the size of the parcel and its weight. Shrink wrapping a gift will prevent damage and it is much lighter to use shrink wrap film, and it doesn’t matter if the package is small or large. Small gifts can be as easily packaged as larger ones such as a hamper, and you can rest assured the item is in the best quality.


There are many different types of shrink wrap film, each with their own qualities and uses. The shrink wrap packaging we have available through Kempner can be used with large, industrial items, including large pieces of machinery, providing protection against bumps and scratches.


A popular use for shrink wrap machinery and film is for books. Many publishing companies greatly benefit from shrink wrapping books, magazines and papers, to avoid water and moisture damage, along with flammability. By wrapping books and magazines in shrink wrap, a watertight seal is in place, so even after a long transit, they are delivered in the best quality.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kempner to find out more about the range of shrink wrap machines we have, which can be entirely bespoke for your shrink wrapping needs. Be sure to also look at some of our previous blog posts about how our business can help.

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