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A common sign of poor packaging is damage to the product. Whether it is the primary or secondary packaging, if it is not durable enough to withstand the conditions it faces along the line, it is not likely the product will reach the consumer in good condition. This can be costly to manufacturers, who could end up refunding the consumer or discounting the product to sell it. Damaged packaging also deters costumers from buying again, leading to a loss in sales.

Supermarket aisle with packaged goods

The Reputation of the Brand

In addition to the potential financial costs of a product’s packaging being damaged, brand reputation can also be damaged. Quality and attractive packaging are expected, particularly for luxury products, as consumers have high expectations for the packaging and product due to the price they are paying. If flimsy or impractical packaging is used, consumers will be deterred from making a repeat purchase or even recommending the brand to others.

Manufacturers should consider consumer expectations when it comes to packaging design, quality and branding. In competitive markets, the brand and packaging of a product can have an enormous impact on consumers choosing it over others.

Size of the Packaging

The size of product packaging can also affect your business and how consumers react. Occasionally, packages may be shipped in containers or wrapping that is too small, which may happen when a customer opts for free or cheap shipping in exchange for longer delivery time. Sometimes, when products are shipped in packaging which is too small, the product is hard to remove from it and is likely to have been damaged in some way.

On the other hand, products shipped in boxes too large can deter customers as well. If products are small, they do not want to receive an overly large box, which could have excess packaging or be undelivered to a home address. Ensuring products are packaged appropriately to their size goes a long way in ensuring customers return to your business.

Shipping Process

Shipping is usually when a product will become damaged before it reaches the customer. If a product is just wrapped in shipping paper or left unboxed, it is more likely to be ripped or torn, exposing the product to outdoor elements and dirt throughout the shipping process. A product could also be affected by mildew if the broken packaging is exposed to water or humid conditions. PVC shrink wrap film can offer the perfect solution for packaging in your business, as it can protect the product from all of the problems mentioned above.

Here at Kempner, we can work with you to find the perfect shrink wrap solution for your business, so your packaging is what both your business and your consumers need and want. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.