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Last year, a survey of 7,000 consumers over several European markets were asked about their views of plastic packaging and packaging recyclability. The survey found, primarily, that consumers of all groups were concerned with the resource-efficient and recyclable packaging used on the products they bought.

Plastic packaging on food in supermarket

In recent years, the attitudes of consumers are changing, and there is an all-round agreement that retailers and brands need to make the necessary changes. The environment is high on the agenda for many and brands, and manufacturers need to begin acting in response to the demand. So, why is the demand increasing? Read below to see some of the most popular reasons.

Eco-Friendly Packaging is Easier to Dispose Of

Eco-friendly packaging for food products can be recycled and reused as a different plastic product, repurposed or even composted if it is biodegradable. This is one of the main selling points for eco-packaging, as it is less damaging to the environment.

Eco-Packaging Lowers The Carbon Footprint

Recycling packaging into new products releases fewer carbon emissions during production than manufacturing plastic packaging from new, and also uses fewer energy resources. The reduction in emissions is a selling point to the consumers and improves the image of the brand as well.

Green Packaging is Healthier

Plastic packaging can have added chemicals to extend shelf life, but these by-products can be harmful and cause health concerns. Greener packaging which has no added substances or been chemically treated is safer for the manufacturer, consumer and environment as a whole.

Eco-Friendly Packaging is Cost Effective

Even though eco-friendly packaging is becoming in much higher demand, which would indicate higher prices to use it, it is generally more cost effective. It can reduce shipping costs as it is lighter and not as bulky, and it can also be bought in bulk. This means fewer materials are needed to send out packaging, reducing the environmental load.

Companies Can Receive Subsidies

It is not just the consumers who have an increased interest in using eco-friendly packaging, but there is an incentive for companies too. Some companies around Europe may receive subsidies from the government to use eco-friendly packaging and be rewarded if they do.

At Kempner, we work hard to ensure our shrink wrap film can be disposed of sustainably. Many British consumers want all packaging classed as recyclable, but there are still many obstacles to overcome in developing plastics so they can be better recycled and manufactured. The majority of UK shoppers (88%) also want the recycling information of the packaging to be clearly stated on the products they buy, and many would prefer plastic free options.

If you are looking to improve the sustainability in your packaging process, get in touch with Kempner to find out how our machines and shrink wrap film can help your business.