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Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for brick and mortar stores and online retailers. With record-breaking sales, an influx of lorries and delivery vans on the roads and the expectation of products arriving in time for Christmas, the demands on businesses is never higher than over the festive period. When these demands push a business to the limits, it is vital to re-evaluate and assess the efficiency of your packaging and whether it can function and cope with peak output.

shrink wrapped items ready for Christmas

Every stage of the packing chain should be examined, as planning and preparation are better than falling short of your customer’s expectations. Analysists should consider the following points.



It is vital for any business, to regularly re-examine how an item is packed and whether it is still the most efficient way. If there is any part of the process that slows the completion of the packaging, consideration should be taken to implement a way of speeding the process up. For example, if you are hand wrapping your items, an alternative may be to use modern and efficient shrink wrapping machinery instead. This would enable more items to be packaged, in much less time.



A frequent problem for businesses is space within their warehouse or packaging station. Before the festive spending begins and your business is put under pressure, tidy the space you will be packaging in and ensure all the tools and materials you will need are to hand and placed somewhere they can always be found.



The last thing a business needs during its busiest time is to be without the required materials needed for packaging their products. To avoid this, either over order, buy in bulk or if you have a trusted delivery company, request little and often.


Reduced Costs

By improving the efficiency of your packaging process, not only will you be saving time, you will also be saving money. The cost of employees wasting time through no fault of their own searching for equipment, running out of the packaging material or not having enough space or organisation to complete the job, can cost thousands each year. By optimising your packaging process, your business is highly likely to reduce waste and ensure items are packaged in the correct way for that product, without any unnecessary additions.


Why is it Important?

With more and more transactions taking place online, the need for effective packaging has never been higher. Individuals are switching from doing their shopping in high street shops to online platforms and with this switch, comes the expectation of the product arriving in immaculate condition and on time. It is vital for businesses to reflect these demands and meet the expectation of the consumer, to ensure your business is remaining competitive and ahead of the industry changes.


By ensuring your business has an efficient packaging process, each stage of the process must be optimised, before, during and after the demands of the festive season. How have you prepared your business for the peak Christmas period? Let us know via our social media channels.