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Have you heard of the term flexible packaging? The new and innovative solution is now frequently being used across various markets and is featuring on shelves across the world. Find out how your business and product could benefit from adopting the pioneering material.

A supermarket with flexible packaging on the shelves.

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing, and largest sector within the packaging industry and the market share is set to continue to increase in the coming years. Flexible packaging is the term used for packaging containers that are malleable, typically, it comes in the form of bags, pouches or overwrap. Flexible packaging combines plastic, paper, film and aluminium foil, each material is used to its optimum, and the finalised product provides multiple protective benefits, while the bare minimum of each material is used.

The innovative design and function have resulted in the rapid growth in the market, as consumers continue the search and put their spending power into products that are fresh and convenient. As the lifestyle of the consumer continues to develop, individuals demand speed and ease of the products they buy.

Flexible packaging is also becoming increasing popular amongst businesses in comparison to the ridged alternative. Less raw materials are required to produce the packaging as the minimum of each material is used, and it performs at its optimum. This results in less storage space being required and much lower transportation costs as the size and weight of each item is greatly reduced.

Plastic packaging has the advantage as the material can be modified to suit the product and the business’s needs. Plastic is highly durable and will protect the contents from external damages such as dust and dirt, amongst other factors, which could, if exposed to the raw product, damage the item before it has reached the shop shelves. Not only this, but plastic packaging is also atheistically pleasing, with design and branding easily added to the finalised packaging.

The food and drinks market was one of the largest markets to adopt flexible packaging solutions. As consumers continue to embrace a fast pace lifestyle, their eating habits are reflected in this. The trend for convenient food, that is easy to access and can be eaten on the go is predicted to continue for the next few years.

One of the second largest markets to embrace flexible packaging is the pharmaceutical industry. As the market increases with a growing and ageing population, the pharmaceutical industry will continue to grow and require tamper-proof flexible packaging solutions.

If your business is considering adopting the use of flexible packaging, take a look at our pouch filling machines and shrink wrapping machinery, both of which will ensure a flexible packaging solution for your product. Contact us today for further information.