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The fundamental role of any packaging solution is to protect a product from when it leaves the suppliers hands, to when it arrives in the customers’. One of the main frustrations for a consumer who has decided to purchase an item online is to receive something that is either damaged or faulty. Consumers expect their products to be in pristine condition when they receive it and for this, businesses go to an extreme effort to ensure the goods are packaged in a way to protect them.

A damaged package

There are many factors that can affect the quality of goods when it arrives at the door, from mishandling by neighbours to chaos in the back of a delivery van on a twisty road. The following article will discuss how items get damaged and how you as a business, can avoid them.

Reasons for Breakages and Returns:


An item for delivery may have been stacked or squished for several reasons. Although care and consideration are taken by delivery personnel, accidental damage does occur.

Water Damage

If you want to prevent your item from becoming saturated or damp, serious consideration should be taken to prevent any liquid being able to reach the content. A way of doing this is to wrap it in polyolefin shrink film. By using the film, you will reduce the likelihood of water damage on the item, which in turn, improves customer satisfaction when the product arrives.


Delivery vans, warehouses and sorting offices are not always free from dirt and dust. Both of which can prevent your product arriving on your customers’ door-step in perfect condition. By wrapping the item in a protective packaging, as well as an additional delivery box, the product should arrive unspoiled, as the customer would expect.

Wear and Tear

When a product is handled several times, as it will be in the delivery process, it can cause wear and tear to the item. By using the correct packaging solution, your product will remain in the same condition it was when you sent it.

As soon as a product is sent for delivery, the product is taken out of the protection of the businesses hands. It can be difficult to predict what condition an item will arrive in once it reaches the customer, but it is easy to provide your product with the best protection possible before it leaves. By doing this, business can minimise the damage, which results in a happy customer as the product will be in the condition that they expected.

Establishing what packaging is right for your product can take a considerable amount of time and research. It is vital to choose a material that is suitable for the product, the delivery and ultimately, pleasing to the customer.

Have you experienced any damaged goods due to poor packaging? What did the business do to rectify the problem? Let us know via our social media channels!