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As we are all well into the swing of things in 2017, you may be starting to think about how you can improve the way your business operates. After looking at the figures from last year, perhaps it’s time to embrace change and take a look at how your packaging process could benefit from the purchase of a shrink wrap machine to call your own.  Carrying out your own packaging process and cutting out the middle man can be a great way to save money over the long run allowing you to reap the benefits of packaging at your own convenience. This can decrease the amount of time it takes for your product to reach its end destination, resulting in happier customers and a faster turn over.

If you do decide to take the plunge, it’s important you understand which shrink wrap machine will work best for your business and priorities and how to utilise shrink wrap machinery to its full potential. Our range of products can fulfil every shrink wrap packaging requirement, from the smallest manual chamber machine through to high speed automatic sealers and compatible shrink tunnels. This guide gives a brief overview of the types of machines we have here at Kempner, but if you have any questions, queries or concerns do not hesitate to contact us for further details and advice.

Chamber – ‘The Bubble’

Chamber shrink wrapping machines are an exceptionally low-cost entry level solution to all your shrink wrapping wants and needs. The product encompasses low cost, space-saving and convenience in a single step operation. Affectionately known as “The Bubble”, this machine is semi-automatic, meaning that once the operator is only required to lower the hood and initiate the sealing sequence. Following this, a solenoid engages, and the remainder of the seal and shrink process takes place automatically. With two modes – seal only and seal and shrink – the most notable feature of the Bubble are its heat output and air turbulence levels, which allows both polyolefin as well as p.v.c shrink plastic to be used. This outstanding machine is leaps and bounds ahead of others in the field and can even outperform the increasingly popular vacuum packaging machine. This machine is offered in three different sizes, so there is no business too large or too small that couldn’t benefit from investing in a bubble of their own!

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Packaging

Our combination Shrink Wrap Machines are the perfect compromise between manual stand alone sealers and our fully automatic range. These beauties come readily fitted with lock-down and power take-off, as well as two clamps at the front of the sealer, to ensure maximum sealing pressure – an essential requirement for any sealer. User-friendliness is important to us here at Kempner, and we want the owners of our products to be able to make the most of these machines with ease.

Full height and shrink plastic reel adjustment can easily be achieved, to make the process as smooth for you and your operators as possible. The sealers are linked by conveyer to their counterpart shrink tunnels, offering silicone sleeved roller conveyor, of which mesh can be added, and full air control within the chamber on all four sides. This combination of air placement, velocity and temperature puts our range in a league of its own and automatic cool-down is offered as a standard feature. There is a range of different sized models available within this category, including L Sealers, which can provide exceptional pack heights to be processed. These machines can usually reach speeds of around 10 packs per minute, and is a great way to add a degree of automation to your packaging procedures.

Fully automatic shrink wrap packaging machine

With some units offering an output rate of beyond 100 packs per minute, these models will allow you to remove operator involvement, saving time, money and hassle in direct operator involvement. The ultimate shrink wrapping process lets the machine do all the hard work, whilst keeping the flexible approach to completing products of all different shapes and sizes. A series of shrink tunnels suitable for all production line speeds are on offer here at Kempner, with each being compatible with our machines. Our approach is quite simply to provide shrink tunnels that can match each and every need of the user requirement. Perfect for companies that require a rapid output of products, all our automatic products come with the following features:

  • Radius seal blade join: this limits shrink film waste by reusing leftover film, reducing on-going costs.
  • Multi-pack function
  • Kissing conveyors
  • Independent temperature controls
  • Low level shrink wrap film position for easy loading of rolls
  • Touch screen display to control functions

Fully automatic machines will increase productivity for your workforce, giving them more time to invest in other important areas such as quality control and customer satisfaction. For a more streamlined production process, where you can save on film costs and there is a consistent output, fully automatic machines are the way to go.

Every business, large or small, could benefit from a shrink wrap machine, but is important to understand the differences between the kinds on offer. We suggest you speak to a member of our dedicated team who will be able to advise you on all possible options to ensure you get a machine that’s right for you.