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When customers stroll through supermarkets or shops, they are faced with an endless assortment of options. With the right packaging, brands can increase their chances to grab a consumer’s attention, and become the product they buy.

Your packaging design can be used as a great marketing tactic in lots of different ways, and brands can keep playing with the look. However, the focus should be on the long-term usability and what may seem trendy today, may not be in the upcoming months. Constant changes to packaging can actually have negative effects, so we have these five most-follow rules to help you maximise the appeal of your product packaging.


A supermarket that uses shrink wrap on various products



1 – Simple is better

With all design trends, minimalism is ‘in’, and it shouldn’t be any different for your product packaging. You will need to convey the best two things about the product; your brand and the use. Overcomplicated designs can confuse people, and it may even make them overlook your product completely.

It may be tempting to make your packaging look like a work of art, however an accurate representation of the product makes consumers happier. For example, if you are trying to sell a food product, adding more chocolate chips into a biscuit on the packaging, will cause disappointment when the customer opens the packaging for the first time, this will then go on to create a negative impact, so it is best not to exaggerate.

2 – Go green

With an increase of consumer awareness about sustainable food, eco-friendly packaging has become a crucial part for any supplier. Lower your carbon footprint and focus on creating a brand which is known for its positive attitude towards eco and green policies.

Using shrink wrap is essentially one of the eco-friendliest options available at the moment, as the plastic is thin and has minimal wastage.

3 – Practicality

Your packaging will need to be practical, not just for you but for your customers. Using a packaging machine won’t only just save you time but also save you money and energy.

Having packaging which is practical is essential, and using shrink wrap can help your business become much more cost-effective; it is used commonly throughout the food industry for this reason.

4 – Packaging Is an investment

When you put a lot of time and effort into your packaging design, the results will really shine.

Investing in a shrink wrap machine can be a great option for business owners looking for a professional packaging option. You will want your product to be protected when in transit, as well as using the shrink wrap to improve the products appeal.

5– Extensibility

Your products packaging design should allow for an easy introduction into a new variety, or sub-brand.

For example, if your first product is tomato ketchup, you may want to broaden that product in the future, maybe creating a BBQ sauce under the same brand name.

However, you have originally created your packaging design to sell the tomato ketchup, for example, selling it in a tomato shaped bottle. To avoid this, you should always design your packaging with the future in mind, by creating a design which will allow for easy changes, whilst making your products look similar so customers will recognise it