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Shrink wrap film is an incredibly versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. From securing and protecting everyday products to being used in fashion shoots, there’s not many businesses out there that couldn’t reap the benefits of a shrink wrap machine. Below we’ve listed five industries that may not come to mind when you think about shrink wrapping, but that could still use shrink wrap film to better their results.

Shrink wrap film can be used in farming


If you work in the agricultural field, you’ll have to firstly excuse us for that terrible pun and then think about how using shrink wrap could revolutionise the quality and quantity of your crop. If your hay is often affected by rainfall before you are ready to bale, you could benefit from wrapping the bale in shrink wrap film to keep out any unwanted air and water but retaining all the key nutrients. Evidence shows that wrapping bales can be very useful, with some bales coming out of a full year in storage with little loss, a lovely silage odour and well-preserved nutrients. Both yield and forage will benefit from wrapped bales because fewer leaves are lost, resulting in a high-quality end product.


Models are known to suffer in the name of fashion, and different trends and style come and go that could have them doing all sorts in order to achieve a certain look. At Paris Fashion week in 2014, designer Iris van Herpen took to shrink wrap as a way to express her designs. Three models were vacuum sealed into what can best be described as large Ziploc bags and walked the runway with breathing tubes suspended from mid-air. The collection is called Biopiracy and is inspired by the idea that we don’t fully own our body because man of the genes are patented. The aim was to represent an image where the body belongs to something else and a way to go deep inside yourself again. The use of shrink wrap is essential here, as the protective film is usually used to wrap foods and goods that you can purchase and use as you will, perhaps indicating underlying themes of the collection about ownership and the body. This somewhat unconventional approach to fashion helps to explain why Lady Gaga is a big fan of van Herpen’s work.


Another use for shrink wrap is protecting your possessions whilst travelling. This can firstly help protect against theft, as someone would have to be fully committed to stealing from you if they are willing to make their way through the protective packaging. Whilst it is by no means guaranteed that you will avoid theft this way, it’s certainly a deterrent and if you someone has decided to go through your bag, at least you are aware that someone has been through your stuff. This will allow you to check for anything that could be missing and act quickly on the reporting process. A further use, perhaps more useful for those ‘gap year’ travellers who are in the middle of finding themselves, is using shrink wrap film to actually keep your stuff together. The backpack is likely to have been through a lot in recent wilderness travels and could have suffered from rips and tears. To avoid possessions being strewn across the travel carousel, protect your bag and fly stress-free in the knowledge that your souvenirs are safe and sound. Finally, travelling can be a risky business, and if you’re worried about any unwanted items finding their way into your bag, then shrink wrap is the way to go. This is particularly important if your heading somewhere that operates a death penalty for drug possession!


Shrink wrap can also be used in bigger scale projects such buildings and bridges. The protective cover will allow interior works to commence before finalising the external works, reducing the problem of overruns and the associated costs, making it the ideal solution for projects with time limitations. For those wishing to keep a friendly relationship with their neighbours, these shrink wrap screens can also reduce the noise that inevitably comes with building works, as well as any dust that is created as a result. The sheets also look professional and they are a great way to enable privacy for the builders and neighbours alike. They also result in a safer work environment, as the wind-resistant nature stops the dust from moving around the site and the area remains dry, making it less likely for a worker to have an accident whilst on the job. Shrink wrap enables the job to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible and is respectful to the immediate surroundings.


Landscapers can also benefit from shrink wrap film, as the transparent, energy saving material has revolutionised the way people can make the most of their greenhouses. Strong films are perfect for those who use greenhouses in areas where the weather is particularly versatile or vulnerable to high winds and large amounts of snow. Film has been known to last up to 27 years in greenhouses in Europe where the weather systems are less extreme. The protective layer as proved a worthy investment for greenhouses world-wide, as the extra security prevents the howling winds from blowing away your greenhouse as well as all your beloved plants inside! Plants of all kinds flourish under a shrink wrapped green house, with high rates of transparency and diffused light providing the correct conditions for your collection to thrive.

So, shrink wrapping isn’t just a packaging saviour, but can also be used in a variety of industries, some of which you never would have thought of. New uses are emerging each year, due to the flexible and inexpensive nature of shrink wrap, meaning the possibilities of using it within your industry are very much possible. What will you shrink wrap?