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The main driver behind the shrink wrap market has nearly always been for food packaging purposes. Although there are many other uses for this ingenious plastic form of packaging, the one that reaps the biggest benefits over other materials is certainly the food and beverage market.

ready meals packaged by a shrink wrap machine

Many recent studies have revealed that as people’s lifestyles are changing, with longer working hours and less free time to prepare homemade meals, the demand for convenience food is on the rise. Leisure time is now more often saved for a special occasions, to participate in sporting activities or for holidays, rather than sitting down to enjoy a home cooked meal in the evening. So ready-made foods or those that need little to no preparation are being favoured over a heartier and more time consuming alternative.

This may look as if it contradicts the health food trends, with vegan diets, raw food diets and other healthy food trends continually growing in popularity; however, the market for ready-made versions of these meals has also increased, and with this grows the demand for plastic packaging, such as shrink wrap plastic, to keep the foods fresh and free from contamination.

We no longer live in a world where the only ready-made foods you can buy are packet sandwiches, meaning that even if you are on the run for your lunch, you can still pick up a healthy, balanced meal from the majority of food outlets, so these trends go hand in hand!

If you are a business that could benefit from a shrink wrap packaging machine, why not get in contact with us today and hop on board with this rising trend in food packaging?