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Packaging is well known to be important for any product and brand, but many business make costly mistakes to their primary and secondary packaging units. To avoid mistakes and extra financial costs to your business it’s essential to know what the consumer looks for in packaging designs.

The Benchmarking Co. researched into the packaging trends that consumers of makeup and beauty products sought. Through their survey of one thousand people they were able to find out the following:


Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is the first thing a consumer sees when they are browsing the shops, and they have to be able to easily identify your product from the rest on the shelf, it has to be easy to use and be backed by consumer claims and benefit statements. These are the things that the public want most from their packaging:

83% the name is easy to read on the box.

77%: the box is easy to see on the shelf.

74%: usage instructions are on the box.

57%: the box has independent test results/consumer claims.

55%: the box has beautiful colours.

Aesthetics clearly play a vital role with consumers valuing the look of beautiful packaging, but useful information on the packaging proves more of a selling point, as the information determines if that product is right for a particular person.

Make the most of the space on your packaging to answer questions such as: how do I use this product? What benefits/results will I see?


Primary Packaging

The elements of primary packaging focus on their function ability and in this case the majority of beauty products come in jars, bottles and tubes, making it important for the consumer to get to the bulk product, and the ease in which the product can be used. Here’s what the public wanted from primary packaging.

90%: you can get every last drop out of the bottle/jar/tube.

81%: name is easy to read on the bottle/jar/tube.

78%: bottle/jar/tube is durable, and has usage instructions.

77%: bottle/jar/tube is easy to open.

56%: the bottle/jar/tube is beautifully designed.

Out of all major beauty categories, which include skincare, colour cosmetics, fragrance, hair and personal care the look of primary packaging becomes the most important to fragrance consumers, with 85% saying the look of the bottle/tube/jar is one of the most important factors in their purchasing decision.

Aside from advertising, your packaging is the biggest way your brand will communicate with potential consumers, and it needs to tell your brand story. That story begins with the look and feel of your packaging whether it’s an industrial product, beauty product, household item, electronics or food. Packaging equipment at Kempner can fulfil every shrink wrap packaging requirement, from the smallest manual chamber machine through to high speed automatic sealers and compatible shrink tunnels.


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