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A new wedding photography trend has emerged and is proving to be hugely popular for those wanting their portraits with a twist, as it involves being enclosed in shrink wrap film!

This new trend which sees couples slip into a plastic shrink wrap film bag, with the help of lubrication we might add, before being vacuum sealed in an elaborate pose. The man behind the work is photographer Hal Kawaguchi, who started the practice of shrink wrap film couples as an art project, before large numbers of people became more and more intrigued with the work and the commissions began rolling in.

Hal said of his work:

“I decided to vacuum pack couples as a way to show how close and in love they are, at first I chat with the couples and tell them what will happen. A rehearsal is carried out without going into a bag at first. Then, they climb into the bag. It likes assembling a puzzle.

I suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner until there’s none left. This gives me four seconds to take the shot.

This fundamental desire carries an energy that affects everything in the world. I wonder what is the reason we have to make such an effort to become one. With my pictures, I try to show this power of love by getting the couples as close together as possible. The less distance there is between them, the stronger the power of love.

I think love is the most important thing in the earth. I think that everything positive in the world starts by focusing on love.”

The couples have to hold their breath for roughly ten seconds or more while the process takes place and he always has a medical professional at hand. Whilst this is one of the more interesting albeit strangest uses for shrink wrap film we have seen, we strongly advise you not to try this at home!

Take a look at the experience in the video below:


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