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Automatic Shrink wrapping machinery

Knowing how to choose the right shrink wrapping machinery for your business can be challenging. There are many different makes and models of machines, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Here at Kempner, we have a completely comprehensive range of different shrink wrapping machinery and a team of experts who know the strengths and weaknesses of each. In this article, we give an introductory guide to break down the different kind of shrink wrapping machines available and which businesses can benefit from each type.

The Two Kinds of Shrink Wrapping Machinery

There are two principal styles of shrink wrapping machinery: sleeve wrapping and complete wrapping. Sleeve wrapping is most often used for preparing products for transit or long-haul freight. Complete wrapping, by contrast, is most often carried out for display purposes.

Both kinds of shrink wrapping machines come in varying degrees of complexity, from entry-level devices to increasingly sophisticated and bespoke equipment for different businesses’ specific needs.

What is Best for Transit Wrapping?

Sleeve wrapping machines are almost always used to prepare product stock for transport. As such, the principal driver in the quality of the appliance is maintenance and material costs. Sleeve wrapping machines are usually brought into a company to replace boxes or other forms of protective packaging with low-cost, high-security polyolefin shrink wrap.

Typically, sleeve wrapping machines use polyethylene shrink wrap to unitise multiples for easy transportation. This is because of the low cost of polyethylene and its strength compared to other materials. Polyethylene packaging film is used on a wide range of products, from radiators to cans and jars to frozen goods. Sleeve wrapping tends to look less aesthetically pleasing than full shrink wrapping but uses less material.

As such, if you want to transport lots of items to wholesalers or retailers easily and are more concerned about reducing transport costs than how the products look when shrink wrapped, then sleeve wrapping machines are for you. Read more about our on our packaging machinery.

Full shrink wrapping machinery tends to be more expensive than sleeve wrapping, but offers more security and looks better aesthetically than sleeve wrapped goods.

Our full shrink wrapping machinery range begins with a unique single roll machine, perfect as an entry level unit for smaller transit packaging needs. For those with more regular shrink wrapping machinery needs, you will most likely need either an automatic or semi-automatic sleeve sealer with compatible shrink tunnels.

What is Best for Display Wrapping?

Display packaging combines the ability to show promotional packaging on your products with the protection that polyolefin shrink wrap offers. It is especially popular for showcasing a product amongst retailers and marketers.

Occasionally, display shrink film and display equipment will also be used for transit packaging. This is usually when a complete wrap is required. In these cases, polyethylene is still most often used to lower costs.

There are a wide range of shrink wrapping machines that can use display packaging. Our bubble seal and chamber shrink wrapping machinery units are popular semi-automatic machines and are an exceptionally low-cost entry-level shrink wrapping solution. By lowering the hood over a product, a sealing sequence is engaged, and the sealing process takes place automatically. For more information about our chamber shrink wrapping machines, click here.

We also offer a range of semi and fully automatic L Sealers, which deliver cutting-edge technological solutions to meet your shrink wrapping needs. They create poly bags of heat-sensitive shrink film around your product, and a shrink tunnel then applies heat to the container, tightening the film. We offer the Compact Series and Centre Seal Series automatic L Sealers – for more information about our range, read their specifications or get in touch with our team about your needs.

Finally, at the highest end, you can receive a two or three belt side sealer. Our fastest machine, the In-Motion Side Seal Series, offers production speeds in excess of 80 packs per minute and unparalleled sophistication, including touch screen controls, vacuum belts, and custom-built side sealing units.


We at Kempner offer an unbeatable range of shrink wrapping machinery, as well as polyolefin shrink films that are wholly compatible with all of our equipment. We are a one-stop shop for all of your shrink wrapping needs. Get in touch for more information.