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Sleeve Sealer Machines

Our sleeve sealers are durable and heavy duty for products where the primary aim is to provide strength and security. Typical items wrapped by sleeve sealer machines, include cartons, bottles, cans, large household items and even long items, such as timber and moulded panels. This multi-functional and versatile equipment is a cost-effective solution for any business looking to streamline their production line.

We can work with you to identify an economical packaging solution to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss our packaging machinery options for bottles.

How Do Shrink Sleeve Sealers Work?

Our shrink sleeve tunnel machines create a ‘sleeve’ around the product, which is shrunk tightly around the pack leaving two small openings on opposite faces of the finished pack. Typically, the wrapping material used is polyethylene, which is available in heavy gauges; it helps to provide the necessary pack strength and protection during transit. The sleeve sealer machines are utilised to ensure security and strength.

At Kempner, our sleeve sealer machines are available in both monoblock and modular formats. This means that they either have the sealer and the tunnel in one chassis or separated into two machines. When choosing sleeve sealer machines, you will need to consider the pack size, the footprint in relation to space and the necessary width of the machine.

What Makes Our Sleeve Sealer & Shrink Sleeve Tunnels Different?

We can offer sleeve sealers & shrink sleeve tunnels that allow packs to be fed in line to the sealing head, as well as machines that enable packs to be side fed. The process that is most suitable for your business will depend on the specific application, for example the pack size, configuration, production speed and the budget.

We are able to provide equipment in both manual and semi-automatic formats, with a choice of infeed pack preparations. If you have any requirements, simply contact our team and we will discuss the options with you to find a solution.

Shrink Sleeve Tunnels

Our shrink sleeve tunnels are durable and versatile, and can be used to wrap a huge variety of products, from bottles to flat pack furniture, across a diverse range of industries. The nature of the shrink wrapping process will produce a sleek and seamless finished product with no excess waste generated. shrink sleeve tunnels have robust mechanical construction providing for a long working life, thus making them the ideal shrink wrap machine.

Automatic Sleeve Sealer

For speed and durability, an automatic sleeve sealer is ideal for any fast moving business, as the machine is capable of wrapping around 30 items a minute. Furthermore, the machines require relatively little input from operators, making them extremely beneficial for manufacturing companies that have high production demands. Ultimately an automatic sleeve sealer will help to save on both money and time and their versatility and robustness will consistently produce high quality results, more quickly and more efficiently than other types wrapping machinery.

The addition of an automatic sleeve sealer to any production line will involve some initial time teaching employees how to use the machinery. However, with digital display, and programmable controls, you can let the machine do all the work by simply programming in your specific requirements.

If you would like more information about our sleeve sealer machines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, today.

The Kempner Difference

With our experience and expert guidance, kempner machines can be adapted to meet your requirements. Our aim is to work with you to deliver a tailored bottle packaging solution that ensure shrinkwrap films are safely applied to products. This means you can be sure you will achieve maximum benefits of shrinkwrapping items without compromising the product.

Kempner machines can be used with a range of shrinkwrap films and can be tailored to suit a range of industrial product types. We have created a general outline of our packaging machines, but please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Kempner can supply the industry’s leading shrinkwrap machines and materials to ensure that your products are protected in the best way possible. We can also commission and service your industrial packaging machinery so you can be sure that interruptions to your production line are kept to a minimum.

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