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For many, shrink wrap is the go-to packaging solution. An incredibly versatile product, shrink wrapper can be purchased by the roll and moulded to suit almost any shape and kind of product. However, there are still people out there who are either unaware of the potential of this wrapping solution or are not fully confident on the possibilities of this method for their products.

No packaging solution can match shrink wrap’s versatility, not just regarding its adaptable shape but also the wide array of roles it can play in the packaging and distribution processes. Take a look at only a handful of examples we’ve selected that highlight the seemingly never-ending uses of shrink wrap.

Boxes in a warehouse wrapped in shrink wrap.

Securing Goods for Transit

This is, for many, the key feature when using shrink wrap, especially as part of the distribution process. By subjecting the shrink wrap to heat it not only tightly keeps products together – perfect for delivering a selection of items in bulk – but the film is also surprisingly strong, and can help to negate some of the damage that products may take during transit.

Protection from Elements

As we mentioned before, using shrink wrap during the delivery process of your product will give it an extra layer of protection from some of the damage that could occur during transit. However, it’s protection goes much further than just keeping everything together. Many types of shrink film are treated to offer as much protection from the outside world as possible, which makes them an excellent solution for products that spend a lot of time outdoors or at open warehouses. Shrink wrap will protect goods from things like dust, dirt and potentially even rain and sun, meaning that products that could be affected by these elements are given an extra layer of protection that could improve the durability of the product.

Selling in Bulk

Shrink wrap products are commonly seen in use by bulk sellers, keeping smaller individual units tightly sealed in more manageable sizes. An example of this would be a company selling bottles of water in packs of six. In this scenario, shrink wrap is often more efficient, and for many products a more aesthetically appealing way of selling their products when compared to more traditional and usually bulkier options, such as using boxes. By using shrink wrap, you can clearly show the consumer the individual products, save on space on shelves and through deliveries and also still have enough brandable space to advertise your product.

Two Mouthwash Bottles with Tamper-Free Seals

Creating Tamper-Free Seals

Another key advantage of using shrink wrap in your packaging chain is that the tight film creates a firm, clean seal around the product. While this has the primary role of protecting the good, it also serves as security through creating a tamper-free seal. Because the film is often very tight, any attempt to get into the product is evident and irreparable. This also means that the opposite is true – you can send products to customers, who will receive a shrink-wrapped product and have the confidence to know that nobody has tried or gained access to their goods, giving them peace of mind and increased satisfaction with your service.

Keep Food Fresh

Shrink wrap is becoming increasingly important to the food industry, and with good reason. The right selection of shrink wrap for fresh foods will not only protect the goods during the transit as explained above, but can also help extend its shelf life by minimising the amount of air that reaches the product. By using this method, food companies are not only saving money on excess packaging by using a solution that is made-to-measure but by extending the life of the product and reducing waste, the savings continue to grow through the core of the business.

Again, this is just a handful of the uses for shrink wrap as part of your packaging process. Used by almost every industry, there is virtually nothing it can’t do and no problem it cannot solve!