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Updated for 2018.

One of the markets where shrink-wrapping is most prominently important is the food industry. These amazing plastic innovations help small, medium and large-sized businesses each and every day to cut costs and increase the shelf life of their products, promoting the quality and reducing food waste. The benefits of using such packaging tools apply to both the organisation and the customer; so here are just five of the reasons why shrink wrap packing is so important:

a supermarket shelf

  1. Keeping it fresh

Although some think that it is unnecessary to shrink wrap foods, the plastic packaging, in fact, plays a very important role in reducing food waste. Shrink wrap prevents oxygen from reaching the product contained inside, which in turn, reduces the rate of decomposition and increases the shelf life of the enclosed item. The longer the product is safe for consumption, the less energy is required to produce and deliver another of its kind. This results in fewer deliveries and fewer resources, such as water and land.

a cucumber wrapped in shrink film

  1. Product aesthetics

One of the many benefits of shrink wrap is that the film is clear. This means items such as fruit and vegetables, amongst others, can still be seen when enclosed in the packaging. This helps the customer to gauge the quality of the product, allowing them to ensure they select the best product available to them. Shrink wrap is also hugely beneficial for marketing purposes, as the material can be printed on. Allowing the company to add important information on to the packaging, whilst still enabling the consumer to view what is contained inside.

a woman shopping in a food market

  1. Protection

As previously mentioned, shrink wrap plastic can protect products from coming into contact with oxygen and prevent spoiling. However, the packaging can also protect it from other external contamination. During the production and transportation of goods, there are many occasions where the item may come into contact with elements that may make the item unsalable or unfit for consumption. A thin layer of either polyolefin shrink wrap or film can prevent these contaminants from coming into contact with the enclosed food item. Again, this leads to a reduction of food waste in the long term and makes for an economically friendly packaging solution.

meat wrapped in shrink film

  1. Storage

Storage and space within transportation means is often an issue. If an item is enclosed in excessive packaging, it results in it taking up more space in flight carries, lorries and shipping containers. Not only is this an ineffective use of space, but it also results in much higher transportation costs, which in turn, leads to a much higher fuel consumption. Shrink wrap allows the product to be protected using the bare minimum of a material. Rather than bulky boxes or containers, the item takes up as little room as is possible in storage and during transportation.

a warehouse

  1. Budget friendly

Our range of shrink wrap packaging machines ensures a variety of budgets can access the incredibly versatile and beneficial packaging solution. Whether you are looking to make a small investment, as a start-up or a trial of an alternative packaging solution, or of a larger scale, we have a machine to suit all budgets and product variation. When the initial outlay of the cost of the machine is absorbed, the running costs can be kept to a minimum, while the speed of production is maintained. Shrink wrap is a great option for the needs of packaging, particularly in the food industry.

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If you think that shrink wrap plastic machinery could benefit your business, why not get in touch with us today? Our experts will be happy to help you to find the perfect solution for your business, as shrink wrap can help with many industries, not just food!