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There are many ways in which shrink wrap can be used. Whether you’re a small company looking for a method of shipping products overseas or are wondering what the best preventative methods of damage were, shrink wrap can be widely used in a variety of different ways. Discover some of the most common to decide whether your business should invest!


From industrial supplies such as bricks and air-filters to cosmetics and candles, it is likely that most of the items that you use in day-to-day life have been shrink wrapped during transportation. One of the reasons why it is so widely used is due to its flexibility; the thin sheets of material can cover any item. Whether it is a bulk package or a single product, after being passed through the shrink wrapper, it can be transported safely.


In addition to it being a flexible way of wrapping, it also creates a layer of protection while it is being shipped to its destination. Due to it tightly covering the order, it prevents water and air from seeping in and potentially ruining the load, as well as acting as a barrier that stops scuffs and scratches from happening.


Food Packaging

As mentioned in our 5 Reasons Why Shrink Wrap Packaging is so Important to the Food Industry blog, shrink wrap plays a significant role in the food and beverage industry. Helping to cut costs for companies, as well as reducing food waste, there are benefits for both businesses and consumers. One of the most frequent uses of shrink wrap is in fresh produce, such as with lettuce and cucumber. The reasoning behind this is that it clings tightly to the produce, which stops any air from penetrating the vegetable. This helps to keep the food fresh for longer as it reduces the rate of decomposition.


Aside from helping prevent spoiling with items, it can also help make them look more attractive! Drinks bottles such as with fresh juice and fizzy drinks are frequently shrink-wrapped with the company’s design printed onto it. In keeping with the brand’s appearance, it makes it eye-catching and easily recognisable on the shelf, which is beneficial for those who are looking to buy it, as well as the business behind it!



With items such as condiments and sauces, cosmetics and alcohol, shrink wrapping is used as a safety precaution. Used to wrap around seals, it allows customers to check that a product has not been tampered with. This also can be used to alert customers as to whether or not an item has been used before, as the seal will stay intact before use.


Although when used for safety is most likely that it will be used in the items mentioned above, it can also be used to wrap items such as DVD’s, CDs and magazines for the same reason. Being covered in a layer of polyolefin shrink wrap means that the disks cannot be removed before purchasing, acting as a preventative method for shoplifting. This is also useful as it allows stores to place barcodes and tags under the plastic so that potential thieves cannot remove them. Additionally, the plastic when used on magazines can stop things getting into the wrong hands; the layer covering material intended for an older audience means that it is unlikely that children in shops will be able to look through it, in addition to other books, such as notebooks or sudoku, being used.