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As one of the primary methods of packaging used globally, the shrink wrap industry is highly significant. A market that is used for both primary and secondary means of packaging, it uses the material to wrap, stretch and overlap the packaging. Used in imported goods to stores, as well as protecting products while in transit, shrink wrap provides a layer of security throughout the shipping process, preventing any scratches and damage from being made. Before products are sent out, they use a machine to wrap the shipment, whether this means individually passing a product through the machine to be covered or encasing a bundle in the transparent material. For this to be made possible, the manufacturers of these products need to consider the design and technology aspects in addition to the packaging and interactive properties.

Items which have been wrapped in polyolefin shrink wrap

Over recent years, this industry has experienced a growth in the market due to significant changes that have been made to the way that items are being wrapped. This has worked in conjunction with other developments in the market due to an increased need. With a higher demand for products with longer shipping times, such as transatlantic flights, there has been more priority placed over the need for a reliable method of protection. It is thought that the demand for internet shopping and the increase in disposable income for many families has contributed to the rise in the global shipping volume, which is currently around 10 million tons. In addition to internet shopping becoming a more prominent market, shipping in food and beverages from other countries is also a huge contributor, especially for shrink wrap.


One of the benefits of using shrink wrapping is that they have a low operational cost and have a reduced need for skilled personnel to operate them. With two machines currently being widely used, the automatic and the semiautomatic, there is a range of functions which make shipping with these machines easy. As they offer a configuration functionality which addresses the packaging requirements; varying from product to product, they can wrap products of all different sizes and shapes. Depending on the size and the volume, the complexity of each order can vary. However, these machines are equipped to deal with any task it is given.


Over the years, the technological advancements in the industry have meant that the speed and efficiency of each machine have significantly improved. In addition to reducing the overall cost of secondary packaging, they are a perfect low-cost solution. Although shrink wrap uses plastic in order to ship out their orders, they are still widely used and are one of the most common methods in shipping, especially with the food and beverage industry.


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