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From building materials to pharmaceuticals, linen to drinks bottles, shrink wrap is suitable for packaging a wide variety of goods. However, those from the catering industry may ultimately benefit from this versatile packaging, which can be used to keep foods fresh and unspoiled. Yet, while it is common for fruit, veg and meat suppliers to employ shrink wrapping machinery, many caterers do not realise that shrink wrap provides a fantastic packaging solution for another type of popular delicacy: seafood. If you’re a seafood supplier in search of the perfect packaging, here’s 5 reasons to shrink wrap your produce:

Shrink wrapping seafood: a combination of seafood and claws in a metal dish


Seafood is some of the most naturally vibrant food to grace our palates; consequently, covering it up with opaque packaging seems like a bit of a waste. For suppliers who want to showcase all of those beautiful aquatic colours, shrink wrap could prove incredibly advantageous. Being transparent, not only will shrink wrap enable both you and your customers to easily view the produce but its glossy exterior will also serve to enhance the appearance of seafood further, making it even more appealing to those in search of particularly fresh-looking ingredients.



Packaging seafood can be a costly affair; however, with the right machinery and materials, it doesn’t have to be. For example, here at Kempner, one of our clients that specialised in seafood found the recommended combination of wrapping machinery and shrink plastic to be an incredibly cost-effective method of packaging that ensured minimal waste, mass production and consistency when it came to packaging seafood. Consequently, if you’re a seafood supplier, rather than opting for a variety of different types of packaging, investing in specialised shrink-wrapping machinery could save you both time and money!



When it comes to packaging food, protecting food from all forms of contamination including biological, chemical, physical or cross-contamination is always a top priority. Seafood suppliers are no exception to this rule and require packaging that provides only the most effective protection. As such, not only will shrink wrap offer a durable barrier against any invading impurities, but it will also prevent seafood from becoming spoilt too quickly by starving it of oxygen and keeping it fresh for an extended period.



Seafood must always be stored at freezing temperatures to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible and prevent harmful bacteria from developing. However, not all forms of packaging can handle sub-zero environments; for instance, cardboard soon turns damp and mushy if it gets wet, providing little protection and potentially ruining certain produce. Shrink wrap, on the other hand, remains unaffected by both hot and cold temperatures, meaning it is the ideal packaging solution for those wanting to store produce that requires refrigeration.



While some seafood remains fairly untouched when put out on display, other aquatic produce requires butchering or filleting to separate the meat from scaly skin or shells. However, many consumers still like to use these elements when cooking a seafood dish; as such, a versatile form of packaging is required by seafood suppliers. While shrink wrap creates secure and concealed packaging for fresh meat products, it also enables any extra elements, such as shells, to be included in the packaging too if the right machinery is used. For instance, the aforementioned clients specialising in seafood found our semi-automatic combined L – sealer and shrink tunnel together with Ultra JC shrink film to achieve this aim of packaging both meat and added ‘extras’.


So, if you’re a seafood supplier looking for the perfect packaging solution, get in touch with us today to discover more about how shrink wrap packaging could help your business.