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Shrink wrap is one of the most popular forms of packaging, used by companies around the world to package a large variety of goods. Here at Kempner, when it comes to shrink wrap, we certainly know our stuff; however, for many new or developing businesses, deciding whether this type of packaging is right for them and their products can be tricky. To help you decide whether shrink wrap will suit your packaging needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven products to shrink wrap:

The Top 7 Products to Shrink Wrap: A black and white design stating the top seven products to shrink wrap 


For those within the pharmaceutical industry, the benefits of shrink wrap packaging are twofold: not only does polyolefin shrink film provide sturdy protection to stop bottle tops and lids becoming lose, but due to its transparency, it also makes it easier to see if tampering has taken place. Consequently, if you’re a pharmaceutical supplier, shrink wrap packaging could hugely benefit your business. 


Raw meat is one of the hardest products to package. Not only does it need to be protected from contamination but it must also be kept as fresh as possible to ensure it remains unspoilt during transit. As such, shrink wrap packaging provides the perfect solution as it limits the amount of air surrounding the meat, keeping it concealed and protected from any lurking bacteria!


As with raw meat, vegetables are also a perishable product that must be preserved. This is because they continually absorb oxygen, even after they are harvested, causing them to release valuable nutrients back into the air. Research has shown that shrink-wrapped vegetables last substantially longer than those contained in open air packaging, making this form of packaging a favourable option for veg and fruit suppliers.


Linen products require considerable protection; if they are not well parcelled, not only are they at risk of being ruined by damp seeping in but they could also be quickly destroyed by moths. Consequently, shrink wrap provides an impermeable and impenetrable barrier, making it one of the best forms of packaging for those distributing linen goods. 


Chocolate is a heat sensitive product; as such, many common types of packaging are unsuitable for protecting it against hot or rising temperatures that could affect its quality during the packaging process and transportation. However, if you’re a chocolatier or confectionery business, you’ll be happy to know that polyolefin shrink wrap packaging is heat resistant, making it an ideal solution for packaging sweet treats!

6) Timber

Timber suppliers commonly experience problems protecting their wood against damp while storing and transporting it. However, as the result of its durable surface, shrink wrap effectively protects timber and many other wooden building materials from water damage, helping to retain their quality by keeping them dry and protected from the build-up of damp, moisture and mould.

7)Bottled Drinks

While shrink wrap can be used to package individual items, it’s also a fantastic option for suppliers wanting to package a multiplicity of goods simultaneously. As such, drinks companies supplying multipacks of bottled drinks will find shrink wrap a beneficial form of packaging as it will enable them to band together groups of bottles, keeping them safe and secure from both transit-damage and tempering.  


While these are just seven of the most popular products to shrink wrap, there are many more goods on the market that may benefit from being packaged in polyolefin shrink wrap or film. To find out whether shrink wrap could prove advantageous for your business, contact one of our team members today or get in touch via our social media channels.