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Many products today require different packaging styles that must be flexible and to a certain extent, attractive. Shrink wrapping packaging is the ideal solution for many, as it flexible and easy to use, and the industry is expected to grow more as businesses reap the benefits of the product.

Shrink wrap process is when a product is covered with a shrink film, that is then heated, so it shrinks to the shape of the product. The most most popular type of film is polyolefin shrink wrap, and it comes in different thicknesses, strength and clarities.

The ever-expanding food industry and concerns related to products during transit have led to the expansion of the shrink wrap packaging industry, and it is forecast to expand further in the coming year, due to the many benefits of the product outside of just the food industry.

The global shrink wrap market can be categorised into technology, type, application and end-use. The technology eludes to the machinery required for shrink wrapping, type to both the material and into shrink tunnels and so on.  For end-use this centres on what industry the shrink wrap will go to – food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and more.

In terms of geography, the Asia Pacific regions accounts for the majority if the shrink wrap industry, followed by North America. However, forecast trends predict Europe to be a major contributor to the growth of shrink wrap and shrink wrap packaging. The bolstered meat market and frozen food packaging requirements in places such as Germany are what are expected to contribute to the growth in shrink wrap.

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