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The perceived quality of a product, the reliability of the quality and the fulfilment of the function of the product are key elements in securing a repeat purchase, although, there is a lot more to achieving an initial sale than the raw product itself. The presentation of a product does a considerable amount of work in assisting the sale of an item yet it is something that is quite often overlooked by businesses. The packaging is equally as important as the product itself, and for many consumers, it is the sole reason they have purchased a product and invested in your brand and company. The following article will highlight the importance of product packaging, what you should consider when deciding on the packaging and why it is such a vital part of your business.

products in a supermarket refrigerator.


The main function of packaging is to protect the product and ensure it is in optimum condition when the consumer receives it. But, the appearance of this protective packaging can either encourage a sale or put people off and send them to a competitor. Although the quality and the performance of a product is ultimately the most important thing, the packaging can be what makes people choose your item, or choose something else.

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Furthermore, how your product is packaged is what draws people to pick your item up and consider your product. It must be attractive and grab the consumer’s attention, on what might be a very saturated shelf, shop or even market. Not only is the packaging you use on your product beneficial due to its functionality, but it is also one of your most powerful and affective marketing tools if designed and executed successfully. Many businesses spend a considerable amount of time and funds in researching and designing their packaging. Some of the decision that should be made include, the sourcing of the items needed to make the packaging, such as inks and plastics. As well as the equipment that may be required, such as shrink wrap machinery and label printers.


Your packaging is what differentiates your product. In a saturated market, or a market where the products sold have little differences in function or appearance, it can be what sets your product apart from the rest. Your branding, including the business name, logo, ethos and colour scheme enable the consumer to easily identify your brand, which ultimately, over time, increases loyalty which encourages repeat consumers and advocates of your brand. The packaging differentiation also instils a perception of quality, if done more effectively than your competitor, it is highly likely the consumer will choose your product if the execution of your packaging is of a high standard.


For the consumer and the producer, packing is more than just a protection for the product you are selling, it is also a vital source of information. For example, in the food industry, lists of ingredients, calories and a nutritional guide is included on the packaging of an item. In the clothing industry, the packaging includes the location of where the item was made, the percentage of which fabrics were used and how to care for the product.

If your business is in the developing stage of product packaging, you may be considering utilising the benefits of shrink wrap to protect your product. As experts in the shrink-wrapping industry, we would be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding the advantages to your business when using this type of packaging.