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When producing a product for your business, one of your main focuses will be safe, attractive and efficient packaging. Packaging can affect many aspects of your business, including growth and revenue, which can all be tied directly into the way you package and ship your products. So, while your packaging choice needs to obey to certain standards of quality and safety, it also important to know how this can be executed correctly.

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The benefits of having a strong insight into your packaging can positively impact any business. There are a lot of parts to the packaging process, including the machinery used to package your products. Everything from the materials used to the shipping and payment dates can make a change in the way your product ships, the way it looks, and its cost. Efficiency is key and can make or break your operation.

What are some things to keep in mind when optimising your packaging solutions? We have put together a list of five ways efficient packaging can improve your production process and help your business grow.

1 – Greener Packaging

Flexible packaging has come a long way in recent years, especially for packaging types like shrink wrap film. With developments in polyolefin materials, it’s now possible to cut, dye, and design flexible packaging that performs as well as or better than corrugated and glass packaging. These materials can greatly reduce transportation costs due to its lighter weight and smaller footprint. Recent packaging trends also show biodegradable flexible packaging materials emerging as an increasingly viable field. Features like biodegradability have been shown to make a marked impact on consumer decisions.

2 – Reduce Last Minute Decisions

Many mistakes that businesses make is that they leave their packaging decisions until last minute, and end up having to opt for larger and more expensive designs. Choosing the right packaging is a crucial part of the product production process, and should be thought about before it is too late. Create a list of your design requirements and consider the cost of packaging, how much space on the shelf you will need and how you will deliver a concise message to your consumers.

3 – The Right Packaging

There are so many packaging options out there, and it can be hard to decide on what type is best suited for your product and business. It is best to decide what type of packaging you want at the beginning of the product design stage, to avoid any confusion later down the line. You may not just want to pick a singular packaging type, but integrate numerous methods instead.

4 – Distribution

Flexible packaging like shrink wrap can provide you with the kind of manoeuvrability you need when you are transporting a number of products secularly. Transporting your goods can be one of the most important steps of the production line, as this is the last time you will see your product before it arrives with the customer. You will need to ensure that your product arrives safely and in the best condition possible.

5 – Start Today

If you are looking to cut costs and run a more efficient business, reviewing your packaging choice is a great starting point to achieve your goal quickly. Packaging trends have really developed over the last few years as have consumer demands, so there is plenty of options and inspiration already on the market.

From simple industrial packaging products designed to protect during the transportation process to more attractive product packaging designed to look great on a budget, the direction you take to efficiency through packaging is up to you. While saving money on packaging may be practicable, just remember to make sure you’re getting the product protection you need from it.