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Products which been covered in polyolefin shrink wrap

The packaging industry is constantly evolving with new vibrant designs and creative innovations being created. 2017 has been an exciting time for the packaging industry with new trends being uncovered. So, what have we learned so far this year? We have taken a look at some of the key trends which may change the packaging industry forever.


In the last century or so, we have seen plastic become a chosen choice for many packaging solutions and enter every aspect of the human life. Today, it would be hard to imagine life without the use of plastic. In recent packaging trends, it has shown that consumers prefer lightweight packaging over heavyweight, flexible over rigid and transparent over non-transparent.

Polyolefin has been seen as one of the most suitable choices for these ever-changing trends, as it can be lightweight, flexible and transparent. Polyolefin films generally used as stretch films, shrink wrap film and more. Polyolefin shrink wrap is incredibly durable and versatile making it such a popular choice for those searching for a strong packaging solution.

The main purpose of shrink wrap is to protect individual products. The film is wrapped and sealed around the contents and when heat is applied the air is evacuated, and the film shrinks tightly around the contents. Polyolefin films can be pre-printed to create an appealing retail package.


The minimalist style has been a popular style of packaging for many years, and 2017 has been no different. Many examples of packaging show a clean and simple design which is minimalistic, which can really show off the product.

A trend which is in the style of illustration and in the choice of lettering, which is aimed at making you think of your childhood. We have seen hand-drawn images, pastel colours, creative characters and colourful patterns. It seems many people want to capture their youth and this packaging design is taking them back in time to a happy era. This innocent style of design is popular for all kinds of products, from drinks to notebooks.

Abstract design has become an increasingly popular option. The packaging looks arty and almost non-designed, but most examples of abstract product packaging design are produced in a very modern way and make effective use of colour for a dramatic contrast.

Colour is increasingly being used to make the difference between different types of products which have been created by the same company. The design remains the same, but the clever use of bright colour blocking helps customers remember which product they purchased or have already tried. Many designers are making good use of very bright colour combinations, and the mix of white space with bold colour has become an increasingly important design trend.

These trends are what we have seen so far this year, but we are sure that will be even more creative designs coming next year.