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After a recent analysis of the plastic packaging market, the food and beverage packaging industries are set to be booming by 2021, so much so that it will be the biggest emerging market of the year.

polyolefin plastics market increases

With packaging technologies developing at a rapid rate, plastics such as shrink wrap have transformed the market- particularly for the food and beverage industries. Not only have these advancements made the new forms of packaging more accessible to small, medium and large sized enterprises, but also cheaper and more convenient for the customers, offering an all round positive solution to every stakeholder.

Market predictions show that consumers are increasingly looking for cheaper products with a higher level of convenience, particularly in foods. With family packs and ready-meals offering a quick fix solution for record low prices, and the need for cheaper, practical packaging is growing at an ever-increasing rate. This is in conjunction with a changing lifestyle landscape, with people of all ages spending more time on health and leisure activities than on home cooked meals and preparations. So, you can see why plastics such as shrink wrap offer the perfect solution, at a low cost for the machinery, materials and time!

The rate at which these food and packaging trends are growing is quite incredible, and this is the main driving force behind the flexible plastic packaging industries, which have been predicted to be the biggest emerging trend of 2021!

The next step in making these industries even larger than they already are is a recycling solution for plastics such as polyolefin plastics. Here at Kempner, we have a team consistently working on new, innovative solutions, including biodegradable packaging and other forms of recycling, and we hope that in the near future there will be a long-term solution that revolutionises the market.