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Christmas is a time for party and celebration, according to the famous Christmas tune. Houses up and down the UK came alive on the 25th December to mark this momentous occasion. With Christmas comes the presents, the cheeky drinks, and not forgetting the Christmas dinner that everyone eagerly awaits all year! With pigs in blankets, a scrumptious turkey centrepiece and stuffing placed on the table, it’s not surprising the whole family wants to gather at your home. But its not only UK households that benefited from this festive day!

Christmas dinner set to have food wrapped from food packaging equipment.

The UK food market was predicted to grow by around 1.2% this Christmas, on the previous year, according to IGD. An estimated £20.6bn was spent by UK shoppers on food for the festive day.

Chief executive Joanne Dennery-Finch, from IGD, forecasted a modest growth, and although there was a decrease in food prices compared to last year- the growth represented a positive result for both the retailers and manufacturers.

This growth would have also had a positive result for packaging manufactures, with an increase in demand by retailers to package enough produce for their customers.

If your business saw a huge demand this year, it may be time to invest in food packaging equipment that will allow your company to package food at a rate of up to 100 packs per minute. The equipment by Kempner will allow your company to run a lot smoother, so when Christmas 2017 comes around- you’ll be ready for the demand!