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Part of a new recently launched group of commitments made by UK food and drinks manufacturers include a 55% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025, this is in an aim to lead the way for a world of sustainable food systems.

using shrink-wrap packaging can reduce carbon emissions

The initiatives they plan to put in place include the reduction of water usage and wastage throughout the supply chain, sending as little as possible of the food and drink packaging into landfill, instead opting for more ecologically friendly disposal options such as through recycling schemes.

The goals of this commitment mainly focus around engaging small, medium and large organisations through a partnership, encouraging them to look closely at each and every aspect of their chain to see where improvements can be made for a better future together.

One of the main objectives of this initiative is to find the most eco-friendly packaging, that meets with certain guidelines, such as the amount of water usage, but does not compromise on the quality, protection, convenience or aesthetic of the products encapsulated in the packaging.

One product that does this at a low cost is shrink-wrap film packaging, with low start-up costs; this is one of the most eco-friendly forms of plastic packaging on the market currently, and we are working towards a better biodegradable alternative, shortening the chain, the wastage and energy usage all in one step.

The Director of Food Safety, Science and Sustainability at FDF, Helen Munday commented: “Having made great progress across a range of areas, including massive CO2 emission and water usage reductions, we’ve looked again at what more we can deliver, engaging with more companies within our sector and beyond.”