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Shrink wrapping machines can be of benefit to a wide range of industries, from food packaging and farming to paper printing and construction.  Whether you are a larger organisation or a smaller business, a shrink wrap machine could make the running of daily tasks quicker and simpler, as well as more cost effective. Here are just five ways that shrink wrap might benefit your business:


If your business has storage issues, shrink wrapping could be really useful. From protecting everything from paperwork to large props, the waterproof features of shrink wrap plastic make it a great option as a layer of protection. Often used to protect large items such as boats while they are out of use. The material is also very malleable, able to wrap around any unusual shape and offer a perfect fit with ease, this could help with stacking purposes as well as protection. For products such as soaps, bath bombs and other small gifts this is a great way to wrap them to go into a hamper for example, meaning that the storage is safe from the elements, and correctly stored so that it arrives in perfect condition.

Cost effective

For packaging purposes, shrink wrap machinery are a very cost effective method of protection your goods. Used widely in the food industry for its cheap running costs and low wastage, the machines have low start-up costs which continue throughout the usage. Perfect for a small business, the smaller machines take up only a small amount of space so you can maximise the space in your facilities. These machines also work in a very rapid time frame, saving you resources in staff and energy costs.


Although there is not yet a biodegradable form of shrink wrap plastic, there are environmentally friendly options available. Offering the thinnest plastic possible without compromising on quality, there is minimal wastage. We are constantly working in our testing showrooms towards an even more eco-friendly solution for the future, which means that you are doing your bit in actively seeking the eco-friendliest alternative for your packaging needs.

Simple to use

The way these machines work is very simple, with little training required, so you won’t be wasting time trying to figure out how to package your products effectively. If you are thinking of changing from your current packaging solutions to a shrink wrapping alternative, don’t stress over having to learn a new skill, shrink wrapping is a quick and easy task which can be learnt in no time at all.

Get in touch with us today if you have any other questions on how a shrink wrap machine could benefit your business and we will be more than happy to help!