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Over the past decade, consumers have become increasingly aware of how the environment in affected by items they buy. Because of this, buyers are always on the lookout to make a change, often switching to products that they feel good about buying and using.

Because of this, businesses must keep up with the current trend, producing and marketing products in a way that will appeal to these people, often dubbed “green thinkers”.

The Earth between two leaves

By taking these three current eco-friendly trends into account, your company will be able to keep up with the trend and see a payoff for doing so.

Sustainable packaging

One great way to show your customers that you care about the environment is the use of resource-efficient packaging. Although this may result in you needing to make adjustments to the design of your product, customers will be sure to appreciate the effort made by your company to save the environment.

One such step may be switching to a more environmentally friendly shrink wrap film, such as the one we provide. Shrink wrap is an important packaging aspect for many companies, and although a biodegradable alternative is yet to be created, we have some of the “greenest film” on the market.

Making these changes and thinking green is longer just a personal choice, but a business one. It’s important to consider your market and with the ever increasing number of eco-friendly consumers, there is most definitely a demand for more sustainable products.

Company recycling programmes

Customers are looking more closely at the brand behind the product and not just the quality of what they are getting, more so now than ever. Because of this, it is important that your business has a name that people can trust and want to buy from.

One way to help create a trustworthy name is to implement a company recycling programme and choose more environmentally friendly products for use in the office. If you track your company’s progress with the programme carefully, it can then be used as a very effective marketing tool for your brand. Customers appreciate it when companies are making an effort to help the environment.


Fair-Trade is a movement developed to promote social sustainability across the world. In order for a product to become Fair-Trade certified, it must meet a list of environmental standards, including the disposal of organic waste in a sustainable manner. In general, having the Fair-Trade certification on products is a major selling point to many people, including the green consumer. If you are able to include it on your product, it could make a big difference.