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Using shrink wrap film within the building trades can provide a cost effective way of protecting a variety of tools, materials and sites, as well as fulfilling transportation needs.

Providing protection from the contamination risks posed on site, such as dust, concrete, sawdust and paint as well as providing protection from scrapes, scratches and knocks shrink wrap film can provide a solution to the problem.

We were contacted by a large manufacturer of garden products such as chairs, tables and awnings and their specific criteria was that they needed shrink packaging equipment that would be able to produce high output speeds in conjunction with being able to shrink wrap a variety of components so potential customers would receive complete self-assembly kits at home.

This posed many different questions as the weight of the timber products were quite high which meant we had to carefully select the correct packaging that would be able to support the weight and dimensions of the product whilst providing adequate protection while in transit, ensuring that once delivered it would be in perfect condition, ready for assembly.

After much research, calculations and tests we found the correct method was to use a high speed side sealer out of our selection of packaging machinery to be used with polythene film.

Why polythene plastic? Polythene is known to be exceptionally durable that provides fantastic puncture resistant attributes which made it the perfect material to be used for the timber garden products. Even though they were large bulky products they stayed in great condition through transport and delivery.

By having the Kempner supplied side sealing machine, shrink wrap film and infeed and outfeed conveyors, these conveyors allow the product to be loaded into the machine before being offloaded onto a pallet ready for pick up by a forklift driver.

This meant they were able to carry out the whole process by themselves on location at their manufacturing plant, which ultimately lowered their previous packaging costs whilst still providing an excellent final product.