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In a recent piece for PRW (Plastics and Rubber Weekly), packaging expert Dr R Andrew Hurley emphasised the importance of product visibility when it comes to selling a product to a consumer.

Paper plates shrink wrapped and packaged using our shrink wrapping equipment

An assistant professor in packaging science at Clemson University as well as the founder of The Packaging School and Package InSight, Dr Hurley expressed simply that ‘unseen is unsold’. This however has two meanings: the product needs to be visible and the packaging design itself needs to stand out.

He also added that during his time at the university, he has conducted several research studies which have all demonstrated that viewable products sell. Consumers are more likely to purchase items where the packaging shows more of the product inside, compared to items of the same packaging which did not give them a glimpse of the actual product. He used the analogy of seeing a dessert versus just reading about it on a menu – you are far more likely to opt for the choice that you can see, as it gives the consumer more of an idea about the product rather than just words.

Dr Hurley then concluded that rather than focusing on market trends, when it comes to packaging, manufacturers need to go back to basics and think about the consumer’s initial needs when they seek out a product.

This is why shrink wrapping is becoming a more popular option for packaging across a variety of industries, from food to books. It not only demonstrates the product true-to-life but also enhances the product’s appearance with its shiny finish, showing consumers exactly what they can expect when they come to use the product. If you’re thinking about using shrink wrap to package your product, visit our website, where we sell not only polyolefin shrink film and PVC shrink wrap film but also shrink wrapping equipment.